Culpepper May Start, Yawn

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

Daunte Culpepper NFL&hl=139358" target="_blank">reworked his contract, so everybody is talking about the possibility of him starting for the Lions again. Like I’ve said, who gives a sh!t! It doesn’t matter.

All the Lions need to do is assemble a respectable defense, build the O-line, and let Daunte drop back and look around a little bit so it actually looks like he’s doing something. 

Then tell him to throw it as far as he can in Megatron’s direction. On second thought, it doesn’t even need to be in Megatron’s direction. 

Just tell him to throw it as far as he can, in-bounds, and Mega will catch it.

Anybody who can throw the ball more than 50 yards down field is capable of doing that, except JaMarcus Russell of course. 

That guy is dumber than the Staples website that asked me to print out the receipt of purchase for the toner cartridge I just bought for my printer. I don’t have any ink damnit!

Original image via Gitsul