Nebraska Football: Records Taylor Martinez Could Break at Nebraska

Matt Zvolanek@MattZvolanekCorrespondent IIJuly 18, 2012

Nebraska Football: Records Taylor Martinez Could Break at Nebraska

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    Taylor Martinez

    Just the mere mention of his name can cause Husker fans to cringe, curse, or roll up in the fetal position and cry.

    Many fans are quick to judge Martinez, citing his "unique" throwing motion, perpetual butterfingers, or his indecisiveness in the pocket. If one was making judgements based on witness testimony from casual Husker fans, you would think he was the worst quarterback ever. 

    But for as much heat as Martinez takes, many overlook the great numbers he has put up.

    When his career as a Husker is gone and done, his name could be atop many of the lists in the Husker record books, beating out all-time greats like Tommie Frazier, Jerry Tagge and Eric Crouch.

Career Passing

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    Career Passing Leaders at Nebraska:

    1. Zac Taylor: 5,850 yards

    2. Joe Ganz: 5,125 yards

    3. Dave Humm: 5,035 yards

    4. Jerry Tagge: 4,704 yards

    5. Eric Crouch: 4,481 yards

    6. Taylor Martinez: 3,720 yards


    Taylor Martinez is already sixth on the career passing list at Nebraska.  As a freshmen, he threw for 1,631 yards. He took a step forward in his second year in charge of the offense, ending the season with 2,089 yards.

    One can only expect Martinez to eclipse the passing numbers he put up in his sophomore year due to an immense wealth of depth and talent at receiver, a second year in the offense, more passing opportunities in the offense and possibly, his improved footwork and throwing motion (the jury's still out on the last one). 

Career Passing Touchdowns

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    Career Passing Touchdowns in a Career at Nebraska:

    Zac Taylor: 45

    Taylor Martinez: 23


    Martinez threw for 10 touchdowns as a freshmen and 13 as a sophomore. With a skilled set of receivers and more passing opportunities in the offense, it's safe to assume Martinez (barring any serious injury) will be able to surpass the amount of passing touchdowns that Zac Taylor scored.

Career Total Yards

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    Career Total Yards in a Career:

    1. Eric Crouch: 7,915 yards

    2. Zac Taylor: 5,777 yards

    3. Taylor Martinez: 5,559 yards


    Of all the records in the book at Nebraska, this one looks to be the easiest to surpass, possibly as soon as this season.

    If Martinez keeps on his course that he has been on the last two years, he will not only pass Eric Crouch's record but could very well blow it away.

Career Net Rushing Yards

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    Career Net Rushing Yards in a Career at Nebraska:

    Eric Crouch: 3,434 yards

    Taylor Martinez: 1,839 yards


    Of all the records Martinez can break, this one looks to be the toughest. But that's the way it should be considering the record holder won the Heisman Trophy. 

    As it stands today, Martinez is 1,595 yards away from breaking Eric Crouch's record. He would have to rush for just under 800 yards a season in the next two years to pass Crouch. While it is doable, changes in the offense and the possibility of injury seem to be the main obstacles in Taylor's way.


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    I know what you're thinking. How can Taylor Martinez possibly be in a position to break all these records held by Husker greats?

    The answer is due to numerous factors.

    First is the age of college football in which Martinez plays. Gone are the days of the true ground-and-pound offenses. College football these days is about getting the ball in space to playmakers. That being so, teams have adapted.  Nebraska is no different.  Nebraska runs what can best be described as a spread option attack. Meaning less of the true Tom Osborne option offense and more of the air it out offense. 

    Second is the talent which surrounds Martinez at receiver and running back. The talent wasn't that bad when Martinez was a freshmen and sophomore, and it is getting even better.

    Last is Taylor Martinez, himself.  Don't discount him, the kid's a playmaker. He showed us that when he took his first snap against Western Kentucky to the house.  When healthy, Martinez can be a defensive nightmare.

    While Martinez could go down in Husker history as the most prolific player in the program, there is only one number fans care about: wins. And that is the only number that will make Martinez a "great" quarterback in the eyes of Husker Nation.

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