WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Do Chris Jericho or Kane Even Have a Chance to Win?

Michael PrunkaCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2012

This Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view will feature the first ever Money in the Bank match exclusive to former WWE champions. While anything can happen in these matches, it seems that Kane and Chris Jericho don't quite have a chance to capture the briefcase.

In the weeks leading into this PPV, Kane has been made to look pretty weak. Just a month ago, he was a believable contender for the WWE Championship. Even as a former Money in the Bank winner, it's hard to imagine that Kane has a chance this Sunday.

Jericho feels like a more meaningful addition than Kane. After all, with two big men and the WWE's franchise player, John Cena, making up three of the four competitors, someone needs to perform the crazy stunts that characterize a Money in the Bank match.

While Jericho definitely has his place in the match, it's still tough to picture him coming out on top. Even so, Jericho has been made to look stronger than Kane, so he could be a viable dark horse in the match.

The biggest reason why it seems like Kane and Jericho don't have much of a chance is because if how prominently John Cena and Big Show have been featured.

More than anything, it was the WWE's booking of Cena and Big Show that eliminated Jericho and Kane as threats to win. Over the past few weeks, they've essentially narrowed it down to Big Show continuing to dominate or Cena keeping his word and stopping Big Show from winning.

Either Jericho or Kane could end up winning. As I mentioned before, Money in the Bank is the premiere "anything can happen" match.

That said, if either of them do win, it will come as a big surprise to this fan.


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