NCAA Football 13: Fun Legend-School Combinations to Use in Heisman Challenge

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 12, 2012

NCAA Football 13: Fun Legend-School Combinations to Use in Heisman Challenge

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    We've probably all seen the hilarious EA Sports commercials that show gamers using Heisman legends with their alma mater's bitter rival.

    If you've missed it, check out this one featuring Desmond Howard:

    I thought it would be fun to use the awesome concept created by EA, but to go a different route. The feature pick is simply a product of my own sports fantasy.

    I wish Robert Griffin III went to Illinois, thereby giving Fighting Illini fans like myself something to cheer about.

    But as Biggie once said: "It was all a dream."

    Thanks to EA, I was able to live that dream—well, at least in the virtual world. Check it out:

    As you flip through the slideshow, you'll see each Heisman legend matched with a school for some reason plucked from my sports-drenched brain.

    You may begin.

Barry Sanders: Michigan Wolverines

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    The state of Michigan loves Barry Sanders because of what he did with the Detroit Lions. But what if the love affair had begun in college?

    Sanders' legend in the state would be even bigger than it is now.

    Everyone there would love him—well, except for the Spartans fans. You can't please everybody.

Eddie George: Tennessee Volunteers

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    I had no idea the hostilities for this match would be so high. When I posted this video on YouTube, an obvious Ohio State fan commented:

    "F##$ you. Buckeyes for life."

    Well alright then.

    I merely wanted to extend the Tennessee love to George. After all, he did become a legendary running back for the Tennessee Titans in the NFL.

    So touchy.

Andre Ware: Texas Tech Red Raiders

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    Seeing as though Andre Ware couldn't possibly exist outside of a run-and-gun style offense, I was torn between Texas Tech and Hawaii.

    I went with the Red Raiders because of the Texas connection.

    I must admit, Ware is one of the inclusions in the Heisman Challenge that had me saying: "So you couldn't get Bo, huh?"

Herschel Walker: Texas Longhorns

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    To this day, Herschel Walker is one of the three best college running backs I've ever seen. The other two are Ricky Williams and Bo Jackson in case you were wondering.

    The trade that sent Walker from the Cowboys to the Minnesota Vikings produced several vital parts of the Cowboys dominant teams in the 1990s.

    Walker is one of the biggest reasons Jimmy Johnson got to yell: "How bout them Cowboys!!"

    Putting him with the Longhorns was the least I could do for Texas.

Archie Griffin: Oregon Ducks

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    Archie Griffin is the only man to ever win two Heisman trophy awards. He would be a small back by today's standards, and that led me to place him with Oregon.

    As of late, the Ducks have produced a couple standouts that are a bit on the small side: LaMichael James and DeAnthony Thomas.

    Griffin is a natural fit for the Ducks offense.

Charlie Ward: Rutgers Scarlet Knights

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    New York is not a collegiate football town. But it's where Charlie Ward made his professional mark. The only thing is, he did it playing basketball for the New York Knicks.

    Ward never played in the NFL, and he's the only legend on the game with that distinction. He is one of two Heisman winners included in the game that went on to compete in another sport professionally.

    Can you name the other?

    Too late; it's Herschel Walker. He became a professional MMA fighter at the age of 49 and competed in Strikeforce.

Marcus Allen: Oklahoma Sooners

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    I really had no real reason to place Marcus Allen with the Oklahoma Sooners. Perhaps it's because I've never been a fan of either, but yet I respect their accomplishments.

    Yeah, we'll go with that.

Desmond Howard: Northwestern Wildcats

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    Desmond Howard had so much swag it was crazy. Of all the players that have ever struck the Heisman pose, his was the coolest.

    I couldn't imagine Northwestern ever having a guy that good, and with that much charisma. So I decided to borrow Howard to give the Cats some cool points.

Doug Flutie: USC Trojans

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    Everybody loves Doug Flutie—except Jimmy Johnson, who infamously asked his team to stomp on Flutie Flakes (the QB's signature cereal) after his Dolphins beat Flutie's Buffalo Bills in a playoff game.

    It was all fun and games until Flutie took offense. It was understandable because proceeds for the cereal went to aid in autism research, and Flutie's son is autistic.

    Hey Jimmy, wanna get away?

    Johnson did ultimately issue an apology, but how awkward and uncool was that?

    Beyond all that, Flutie was beloved, but pretty overrated in my opinion. I was a fan, but he was really just the quintessential backup. Much like most USC Trojans' QBs, thus his placement with them.

    Send hate mail to...

Carson Palmer: UCLA Bruins

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    CP3—no, not him, the other one. Carson Palmer was a legend at USC and seemed to be on track for that in Cincinnati.

    Something went wrong, he walked away and then did his best LL Cool J impersonation by going back to Cali. But this time, he went to the Oakland Raiders.

    I figured I'd try the same thing on the game. Instead of going back to the Trojans, how about their rivals, the UCLA Bruins.

    I know that name used to mean a lot more than it means now, but isn't that the case with Carson Palmer?

Tim Brown: California Golden Bears

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    Tim Brown should be a Hall of Famer, and it's a joke that he wasn't inducted this past year. I have never been a Notre Dame fan, but somehow, Brown is one of my favorite college players.

    To balance that dynamic, I decided to send him as far away from South Bend as I could.

    California is the place, and look, he even found NFL stardom in the same state. That's a much better fit.

Jim Plunkett: Florida State Seminoles

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    Jim Plunkett may be one of the most disrespected Heisman winners in the game. But he had to overcome a ton of adversity to make it to the level he achieved.

    He's not only a Heisman trophy winner, but he's also a Super Bowl champion (twice) and Super Bowl MVP. As of right now, he's the only player in the game who can say that.

    The Seminoles get a lot of flack about their path to greatness under Bobby Bowden, but you can't hate on the results.