WWE Vs TNA Match 3: Air Flyers Rey Mysterio vs AJ Styles

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 17, 2009

AJ Styles is truly the future of TNA as Rey has been in his prime and staying aboat.

This match up is truly a dream match with these two air fliers and could be one of the most exciting matches in any life time.

AJ Styles and Rey have one thing in common they have both have been World Champs before for there respected company's.

AJ Styles heart is as big as Rey Mysterio as the two would face off.

AJ Styles has the edge about him that Rey doesn't have anymore.

Rey Mysterio is one of the greatest if not the greatest little big man people in the WWE today if not the world of wrestling.

Rey has an air attack but Styles has a more developed one and I think this would be a great close match.

Winner of the Match: AJ Styles is the winner in a great air flying match and that would make WWE 2 and TNA 1.

-Adrian Staehle