L.A. Clippers: Summer League Roster, Key Storylines

Oren FriedmanCorrespondent IIJuly 12, 2012

L.A. Clippers: Summer League Roster, Key Storylines

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    With 13 players on the summer league roster, the Los Angeles Clippers will be looking for a players to fill some of their glaring roster holes.

    Summer league coach Robert Pack will try to develop the players into legitimate NBA threats.

    Questions at backup center, in addition to the lack of a capable wing defender, will have Pack attempting to cultivate the talent in Las Vegas.

    Here is a breakdown of the Clippers' summer league roster and key storylines moving forward.

Los Angeles Clippers Summer League Schedule

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    Monday, July 16 at 4:00 PM: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

    Wednesday, July 18 at 4:00 PM: Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs

    Thursday, July 19 at 2:30 PM: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers

    Saturday, July 21 at 2:30 PM: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Chicago Bulls

    Sunday, July 22 at 12:00 PM: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Boston Celtics

Hilton Armstrong, C, UConn

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    Player Profile: 6'11", 235 pounds.

    Experience: Five years

    Player Breakdown: Looking to make a comeback to the NBA, Hilton Armstrong will be auditioning for the Clippers. 

    The former 12th overall pick by the New Orleans Hornets, Armstrong has had an underachieving NBA career.

    Last time he played in the league, he averaged just 1.7 PPG and 2.5 RPG for the Washington Wizards.

    Armstrong will be looking to play the role of back-up big man if he makes the Clips roster.

    Prediction: Armstrong won't make the team in the fall.

Taylor Battle, G, Penn State

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    Player profile: 6'0", 170 pounds

    Experience: Rookie

    Player breakdown: In four years at Penn State, Battle finished with career averages of 20.2 PPG, 4.4 RPG and 2.9 APG.

    He was a poor shooter, though, converting just 42.3 percent of his shots in 2010-11.

    Turnover prone, Battle had a resounding assist-to-turnover ratio of 2.9-2.

    The Clippers already have a logjam at guard with Chris Paul, Eric Bledsoe, Jamal Crawford and Chauncey Billups. Battle has to be a long shot to make the squad.

    Prediction: Battle won't have enough to get a roster spot in the fall.

Eric Bledsoe, G, Kentucky

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    Player profile: 6'1", 195 pounds

    Experience: Two years

    Player breakdown: The headliner for the Clippers' summer league team, guard Eric Bledsoe will be looking to develop his game in Vegas.

    He really came to his own in the playoffs, with solid performances against the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs.

    At times he was a bit frenetic and prone to turnovers. Hopefully a summer at the helm does some solid work for him heading into next season.

    Prediction: It's a no-brainer. Bledsoe will still be on the roster. But will a good summer league be enough to make him a starter next season?

Marcus Hubbard, F-C, Angelo State

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    Player profile: 6'9", 230 pounds

    Experience: One year

    Player breakdown: A lanky forward or an under-sized center, Hubbard has the tools to make it in the NBA. His strength, at 230 pounds, will also give him some leverage in the trenches.

    Hubbard is a capable NBA player with good hands and the ability to score.

    At Angelo State, he had a career average of 20.0 PPG, but was an underwhelming rebounder, with just 5.3 boards per game.

    The Clippers are in need of a backup wing for Caron Butler.

    A good summer could have Hubbard in the running.

    Prediction: Hubbard is too small to be the Clippers backup big man.

Chris Hunter, F-C, Michigan

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    Player profile:  6'11", 250 pounds

    Experience: One year

    Player breakdown: There is nothing off the charts about Chris Hunter's game.

    A methodical big man, Hunter does most of his work near the basket. In 2009-10, he averaged 4.5 PPG and 2.8 RPG for the Golden State Warriors.

    Like Hubbard and Armstrong, Hunter will be looking to snatch a big man reserve role on the roster.

    Prediction: Hunter won't be on the roster next season.

Travis Leslie, G, Georgia

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    Player profile: 6'4", 205 pounds

    Experience: One year

    Player breakdown: Travis Leslie didn't see much burn for the Clippers last season.

    Last on the depth chart of strong guards, Leslie mostly rode the bench.

    A quick guard that can get to the basket, the Georgia product was a savvy pickup by the Clippers. Playing in the backcourt with Eric Bledsoe this summer should do loads for his game.

    Prediction: Leslie will likely stay on the Clips roster next season.

Mickey McConnell, G, Saint Mary's

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    Player profile: 6'0", 190 pounds

    Experience: Rookie

    Player breakdown: Mickey McConnell left St. Mary's as one of the top all-around players in the school's history.

    In 2011, McConnell took home a slew of awards, including WCC Player of the Year.

    Last season, he put up a career high 16.4 PPG and was the team's undisputed leader.

    Still, the road ahead is challenging for McConnell.

    Prediction: With steady point guards already on the roster and competition with guys like Leslie and Bledsoe, McConnell will be left on the outside looking in.

Gary McGhee, C, Pittsburgh

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    Player profile: 6'11", 250 pounds

    Experience: Rookie

    Player breakdown: Known for his defense and intensity, Pitt center Gary McGhee will be looking to bring some energy to the Clippers' summer league roster.

    The starting center for the Panthers in 2010-11, McGhee protected the paint and used his high motor to contribute offensively.

    With Reggie Evans heading to Brooklyn, the role of energizer could be perfect for McGhee.

    Prediction: McGhee will just be short of making the Clippers final roster.

Cameron Moore, F, UAB

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    Player profile: 6'10", 230 pounds

    Experience: Rookie

    Player breakdown: UAB standout Cameron Moore will be looking to prove his worth in Vegas this month.

    An athletic forward, Moore finished his senior season for the Blazers averaging 16.1 PPG, 10.5 RPG and 2.4 blocks per game.

    Ranked second in school history in double-doubles and blocked shots, Moore was named to the All-Conference USA team last season while taking home C-USA's Defensive Player of the Year.

    Moore might be a diamond in the rough for the Clippers. A productive summer could have him on the roster this fall.

    Prediction: Moore makes the squad for the Clippers.

Adam Morrison, F, Gonzaga

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    Player profile: 6'8", 205 pounds

    Experience: Five years

    Player breakdown: After an incredible career in Gonzaga, sharpshooter Adam Morrison hasn't been able to find the right stroke in the NBA.

    A bust in Charlotte, Morrison bounced around before riding the bench for the title-winning Lakers in 2010. 

    Morrison is a fan favorite for his shaggy hair, tears in the NCAA tournament and questionable facial hair.

    Still, the ball doesn't lie.

    Prediction: Morrison probably won't make the Clippers roster.

Trey Thompkins, F, Georgia

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    Player profile: 6'10", 245 pounds

    Experience: One year

    Player breakdown: Playing in a loaded frontcourt, Trey Thompkins didn't see much action in his rookie campaign.

    Behind Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans, Thompkins mostly added moral support during the Clips' postseason run.

    A summer in Vegas as one of the primary big man will do loads for Thompkins' postgame.

    Prediction: He should still have a roster spot in the fall.

Terrico White, G, Mississippi

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    Player profile: 6'5", 203 pounds

    Experience: Rookie

    Player breakdown: A spectacular athlete, Terrico White would fit into the Clippers high octane offense.

    A streaky shooter, White can still get to the basket and has the speed to defend quick guards.

    Inconsistency is a concern, as is his ball-handling ability.

    Guard is the Clippers' most established position, making it all the more difficult for White to earn a spot in Lob City.

    Prediction: White will not be on the roster in the fall.

Antoine Wright, F, Texas A&M

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    Player profile: 6'7", 215 pounds

    Experience: Six years

    Player breakdown: The longest tenured player on the Clippers' summer roster, forward Antoine Wright has been looking for some consistency at an NBA level.

    A standout at Texas A&M, Wright was the No. 15 overall pick in the 2005 draft. He never found his game for the Nets, bouncing around to different teams. 

    Wright is a career 41.2 percent shooter, and he has only a 30.4 percent shooting clip from long range.

    While he is a decent defender, Wright is concerning because of his shooting woes.

    Prediction: Wright will be just short of making the roster.

Key Storyline: Filling out the Roster

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    For the most part, the Clippers already have their starting lineup and rotation players.

    Questions surrounding the starting shooting guard should be resolved soon. With Jamal Crawford, Eric Bledsoe and Chauncey Billups, the Clips do have options.

    A decent bench featuring good guard play and the versatile Lamar Odom will keep the Clippers among the most dynamic teams in the NBA next season.

    Really, LAC is using the summer league to tighten up the final spots on its roster.

    The Clippers could really benefit from a sharp shooter who can consistently knock down the open three. 

    Lob City will also be in the hunt for a back-up big man, as DeAndre Jordan is the only pure center on the roster.

    An athletic wing would also be an asset, seeing as Caron Butler doesn't have the legs to keep up with quick forwards for 48 minutes.

    The aforementioned guys will be fighting to make the team this summer, hoping to add a boost to the Clips' already potent roster.

    With some early standouts, it's shaping up to be quite a compelling summer.