Ronda Rousey Body Issue: Strikeforce Champ's Pics Give Her Image Balance

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 12, 2012

image from espn
image from espn

Ronda Rousey is changing the game with her sexy photos in ESPN's annual Body issue. The issue hits newsstands on Friday, but there are sneak peaks at the link provided.

It's easy to stereotype female MMA fighters as less-than-glamorous. We traditionally don't think of fighting as an activity for beautiful women.

Laila Ali bucked the trend in women's boxing with her stunning beauty and in-ring success, and now Rousey could have a similar effect on MMA.

Rousey is the reigning Strikeforce bantamweight champion. She is a ruthless submission-artist, and the arm bar is her weapon of choice. She's 5'6", and she has defeated all of her opponents by arm bar in the first round.

Her grappling skills should come as no surprise. Her base is Judo, and she is so developed in that discipline that she made the US Olympic team in 2004 at the age of 17. She then won a Bronze medal in 2008 in Beijing.

A lady so skilled in hand-to-hand combat that looks like Rousey is a marketing gold mine. The ESPN Body issue completely reveals Rousey's physical appeal, and her pics do the best job of conveying personality.

It's like looking at an as-yet-created character from the next Tekken video game or a sexy boss villain from Kill Bill 3.

Rousey is walking a thin line. As long as she can keep her balance, it could be very prosperous. The ESPN Body issue could be the springboard she needs to achieve the next level of stardom.



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