WWE: Should Vickie Guerrero Have a Larger Role on TV?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJuly 12, 2012

She is a cougar! Rawr!!
She is a cougar! Rawr!!

Women have been and will always be a part of the WWE Universe.

Whether as a valet, a manager or as a "Diva," the ladies bring some sort of magic to the predominantly male presence of this sport. They are like a secret ingredient and great things happen when they are around.

One woman in particular, Vickie Guerrero, has held many positions of power. Bursting on the scene some years ago, she is the widow of ring favorite Eddie Guerrero and has since climbed the ropes and managed former World Champions.

What is it about her that is so successful? She has that voice that can literally bend steel! I have seen it, I swear.

Truthfully, the woman is simply an immense heat magnet and always gets a rise out of the crowd. To translate this in real life, she has incredible charisma. Real stars have to have this merit in order to be great.

Her recent stint as Dolph Ziggler's manager may or may not come to an end soon since he is on the rise and will eventually have to break away on his own. Where would that leave her?

Jack Swagger is a lost cause and should be dumped immediately! 

This being said, that would leave her free and able to pursue other ventures within the world of WWE.

She definitely needs to remain on television. I for one absolutely love her character. She is instant laughs and borderline ridicule. She is too much some times and it makes some rather slow episodes of Raw that much more enjoyable.

In order to have her on-screen despite parting with her boys, she should kick Michael Cole out of his chair and take his place temporarily. For a time so they can really get a great broadcasting team together again.

She shouldn't be there too long though, her voice may be fun but too much of a good thing is bad, bad, bad.

Her real test will be taking care and watching out for her real-life daughter Shaul, who is at the WWE development camp to train as a true Diva. When she arrives on the scene she will probably need a role model or even a loud voice to scream: "Excuse Me! She has arrived."

She cannot manage Dolph Ziggler forever and a Raw show empty of Vickie would be a disaster.

Should she indeed become a color commentator, her special character would most certainly make up for her lack of in-ring knowledge a la JR. She may surprise everyone however, don't count her out just yet.

Being a General Manager is hardly interesting these days anyway, so have her somewhere she could actually do some good for the product as a whole.

No matter what, she is part of the Universe and is here to stay, so time will tell where she will end up after her men emancipate.

Vickie Guerrero: Strong, bold, loud and powerful.

To a strong amazon nation!