Forget the Pro Bowl: Creating An NFL All-Star Weekend

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Forget the Pro Bowl: Creating An NFL All-Star Weekend

The NFL Pro Bowl does not even compare to the NBA All-Star Break. The Pro Bowl has lost its appeal, while the All-Star Break has gained more. How is it that America's most popular sport is not doing all it can for the fans?

What I am proposing is that the NFL dedicate a whole weekend to the event, modeled after the NBA. Let's get more fun out of this.

First, host a Rookie vs. Sophomore game. Every year people compare draft classes, so why not pit them against each other? Not only would we get to see the future of the NFL, we would also get to see players that would normally go under the radar.

Picture Matt Ryan, Chris Johnson, and Jarod Mayo pitted against Patrick Willis, Adrian Peterson, and Calvin Johnson. Those who are already playing in the Pro Bowl would play half the game.

Second, how about a Quarterback Accuracy Test? I say we get the Top Five most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL and pit them against each other in a series of challenging throws. Let us really find out who the best passer is by having a bunch of different combinational throws to really put them to the test. 

Third, the Hardest Hitter game. We take a coaches poll to see who the hardest hitters are in the NFL. The contestants then hit a sensor which will determine the amount of force they are hitting with. 

Fourth, a Running Back Agility Challenge. Set up an obstacle course with hurdles, running sleds, and cones to run around. The participants would be timed to see who is the quickest and most agile. 

And finally, the Best Catch Competition. Voted on by the fans, the most athletic wide receivers in the NFL (say, the top four or five) will try to outdo each other. This will be the equivalent to the Dunk Contest. We will have judges such as Jerry Rice and Lynn Swann.

Can you see Randy Moss vs. Larry Fitzgerald vs. Andre Johnson vs. Santonio Holmes? To spice it up, in the first round, they have to use a fellow player. Then, they use props or obstacles. 

The greatest part about this concept is that all of these events are so small you could have them in a basketball stadium. This, of course, would involve it most likely leaving Hawaii. I am not against that, as I believe it should be like the All-Star Break and rotate to a different stadium each year. 

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