Please, MLB, Move on from Steroids

Dan SheddContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

By now, everyone knows about A-Rod's steroid use in 2003 with the Texas Rangers. Like that was even news when it broke?

Miguel Tejada recently admitted to lying to Congress about his steroid use. Both he and A-Rod should suffer the consequences, but the coverage of recent steroid use is getting old. Everyone talking about the same thing is downright annoying.

I'm not saying that what A-Rod and Tejada is acceptable by any means, but do we have to talk about it 24/7? They will pay the price of their wrongdoing, and that's that. Now let's move on!

Why can't we focus on the positives in baseball, like Josh Hamilton's comeback from darkness. That's what sports should be all about, not "who broke the rules" and "what's going to happen to them."

Some people may say "we just like to show them that they aren't invincible," but we knew that already. Why do you think athletes keep getting arrested for DUI and possession of illegal substances? Because they think they can get a way with murder, yet they can't.

America, instead of focusing on the negatives in sports, focus on the good of our games, because we have enough stuff to worry about that's bigger than baseball and steroids.