Auburn Football Recruiting: 5-Star Commit Dee Liner in Trouble...Again

Jeff JonesCorrespondent IIJuly 12, 2012

Auburn Commit Dee Liner
Auburn Commit Dee Liner

Dee Liner—a consensus 5-star prospect and one of the best defensive lineman in the 2013 recruiting class—has never served jail time, is not a felon, and as far as I know is just a stand-up guy from Northern Alabama.  But right now he is making it hard for the public to view him as such.

Around 1:00 AM Wednesday morning, Liner and friends were caught jumping over a fence to access a public pool, after hours.  Initially officers charged Liner with burglary, but upon realizing the intent of this group of high school students, the charges were dropped to a more fitting count—criminal trespassing.

Clearly this incident was not a violent or “serious” offense by the highly-touted prospect, but coupled with another charge that Liner received—less than two weeks earlier—some Auburn fans are already considering this situation cause for concern.

Liner’s other charge occurred on July 1 at a traffic stop involving his mother. 

Allegedly, the 6-foot-3 270-pound lineman pulled up in a second car while his mom was being questioned for a traffic violation, and verbally assaulted a female officer—screaming and cursing at her until a disorderly conduct charge was issued.

Though both of these incidents appear to be minor, they show that regardless of his massive build, this teenage boy still acts about as mature as—well, a teenage boy. 

Overall, this recruiting class should still excite Auburn fans—especially the potential present on the defensive line.  And hopefully, these incidents will serve as reminders to other recruits that they need to remain on their best behavior at ALL times so that the public can view them as the stand-up young men that many of them are.