Michael Phelps' Scandal: Leave Britney...I Mean, Michael Alone!

Matthew ZivicContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

So what's the big deal? Michael Phelps got caught with a glass tube—maybe he was just working on some chemistry homework!

If anything, maybe they should feel his athletic feats are more amazing now that they know he has used a drug that has been known to slow reaction time. For crying out loud the kid is 23 years old! Let him live a little and get off his back.

Anyone older than Phelps should know that if there were photos of all the things they had done in their lives, then 80 percent of them would be in jail, and 40 percent would be lifers without an opportunity for parole.

The guy has basically trained for years to be the best in the world at swimming, something very time consuming and stressful. The guy has had no life. He needs something to loosen up and he needs people to let him lead something of a normal existence.

Truth be told, I always thought he was sort of a tool. Now I like the guy because he showed that he is human and that's all we can ask him to be!