NBA Trade Rumors: Time for the Magic to Execute the D12 Exit Strategy

Ernest ShepardAnalyst IIIJuly 12, 2012

It is time for the Magic to seize back their power from Howard.
It is time for the Magic to seize back their power from Howard.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Can the Dwight Howard saga please just go away? At every step and turn the top story around the NBA is whether or not the Brooklyn Nets will trade for Howard. If not the Nets, the Houston Rockets and LA Lakers are in trade talks for the superstar center.

I have a question for the Orlando Magic front office.

Why in the hell are you all accommodating a player who has told you he does not want to play for your team?

The rift Howard has had with the Magic has cost head coach Stan Van Gundy his job. It has also cost the team its general manager. Hell, I think even the mascot has decided to take a hike.

Why the Magic are not moving fast to end this poisonous situation is beyond me. The best and only remedy is to trade him. Trade him somewhere for a bag of peanuts. Trade him for a bag of balls. Trade him just so the story can go away. Please just trade him already!

The Magic’s latest trade talks with the Nets hit a snag when the contract of free-agent Kris Humphries came about. Wait, let me get this straight. The Magic would rather have a disgruntled Howard over the front-bloated contract of Humphries, which is only fully-guaranteed for a year?

It sounds like the Magic are holding out for the best deal. Well why didn’t you say so? Several teams can offer better packages, including the Rockets, Lakers, Hawks, Bulls and Kings. 

Did I hear somebody say the (insert cuss word here) Kings?

You heard it or, read it here first. Trade Dwight Howard to the Sacramento Kings.

Why the Kings? Well let’s see here. First, you can probably get the uber-talented DeMarcus Cousins. How about a side of Tyreke Evans for seconds? Lastly, you can have rookie Thomas Robinson for dessert. All that for Dwight Howard, who could save Sac-Town just in time for a new arena deal.

This is the best deal they could get. To put the icing on the cake, the Magic would seize the power of their franchise from their star player who no longer wants to be a part of it.

If not Sacramento just send him somewhere. Banish him to Charlotte as a punishment. Either way a trade needs to take place so Howard can be another team's headache.

For those of you who want to know what good it does for Howard, eh, who cares? The Magic have to do what is best for their team. Keeping Howard happy should no longer be their concern. It is time for the exit strategy.