Should the Boston Celtics Consider Re-Signing Keyon Dooling?

Chance CookContributor IIIJuly 11, 2012

The Boston Celtics signed Jason Terry earlier this month in an attempt to add depth and scoring to the C's back court. Terry has the ability to play both guard positions, something the returning breakout shooting guard Avery Bradley can do as well. 

These players are both capable of giving Rajon Rondo a rest and assuming the role of floor general. However, even if the Celtics do make a sign-and-trade deal to bring guard Courtney Lee in from the Houston Rockets to supplement the talents of Bradley and Terry, they are still missing a pure, pass-first point guard to back up Rondo.

While it is nice to have a pure point guard running the show, it is not always necessary, as the Miami Heat recently proved in their NBA title run. The Heat's primary option at the point guard position, Mario Chalmers, is anything but a pass-first player, and he usually defers the floor general role to LeBron James.

The Celtics have a similar option with their Dooling-less roster. When Rondo is resting, Terry, Bradley and even team captain Paul Pierce are all capable capable of running the offense.

Despite a quiet regular season where he averaged just 14 minutes per game, Dooling proved was an asset to the team's epic playoff run despite being 32 years old. During the Eastern Conference finals against the Heat, his minutes were invaluable because of his energy off the bench. 

Dooling's use for the 2013 Celtics is up for debate. Although he proved he can be a quality backup guard during last season's playoffs, he is still going to have to get some breaks to even see the court.

Even if he is signed, he could slide so far down the C's bench that he is covered in dust by the time Celtics see him hit the floor again.