The Best Tailgate Traditions in the NFL

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIJuly 12, 2012

The Best Tailgate Traditions in the NFL

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    Tailgating is woven into the fabric of America, and nowhere is that more evident than within the world of football.

    While college tailgating reigns supreme, NFL fans are no slouches when it comes to preparing for games on Sunday mornings (and in some cases Friday and Saturday).

    Whether it is a region-specific dish, a particularly eccentric fanbase, or even beer stuffed inside of a chicken.

    Yes, beer stuffed inside of a chicken!

    These are the best traditions that NFL tailgates have to offer.

Micro-Breweries in Denver

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    Tailgating in Denver is a little different than around the rest of the NFL.

    See, Broncos fans are seated 5,280 feet above sea level.

    And while alcohol's effects may kick in a little quicker at that altitude, that doesn't deter tailgaters.

    Micro-breweries around the city provide a wide variety of beers for fans to try at their leisure.

    Does it get any better?

Clam Chowder in New England

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    It's called New England Clam Chowder for a reason.

    Patriots fans have been known to get so embroiled in their tailgating that they miss the actual football game on Sunday afternoons.

    Luckily, they have some of the world's best clam chowder at their disposal and it is proudly displayed for miles surrounding Gillette Stadium.

    Every tailgate has brats, burgers, and hot dogs, but New England has one of the most unique dishes around the NFL.

The Cheerleaders in Miami

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    The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders can be sighted at tailgates walking around and mingling with the common folk.

    Is there a better reason to become a Dolphins fan?

    This may not be the longest-running tailgate tradition or even the most important one in NFL history.

    But still, the Dolphins cheerleaders hang out during tailgating.

    Try to find an issue with that.

Philly Cheese Steaks in (You Guessed It) Philly

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    Everyone knows about Philadelphia and its penchant for making delicious cheese steaks.

    The fact remains that there are few traditions better than eccentric Eagles tailgaters devouring their native dish before heading inside Lincoln Financial Field.

    Of course, Philly's fans are also known for being a bit brash. They even booed Santa once upon a time long ago.

    Still, stuff a few cheese steaks in their face, and happiness is hard to avoid.

Beer-Can Chicken in Cleveland

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    Words can do little justice to the actual art form that has been created in Cleveland.

    Browns fans have discovered a way to insert beer cans inside of full chickens.

    Two tailgate traditions combined into one perfectly seasoned blend of awesome.

    Just look at the picture above and attempt not to salivate.

Buffalo Wings in Buffalo

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    Not all of the best tailgate traditions have to involve food, but some are too essential to ignore.

    The world owes a great debt to the city of Buffalo for the creation of the chicken wing.

    Hence: Buffalo Wings.

    A permanent mainstay at all NFL tailgates, the beloved Buffalo Wing is still tops in its city of origin.

    Kummelweck (Google it) and white pizza have their rightful place for Bills fans, but the wing is king.

The Owners Tailgate in Green Bay

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    There are so many reasons to love what Green Bay represents in the increasingly corporate nature of today's sporting landscape.

    Lambeau Field has a small-town feel that few, if any, other stadiums can provide.

    Tailgating is like a giant block party every Sunday and it is only enhanced by the fact that Packers fans own actual shares in the team.

    Name another NFL franchise that has its owners sitting outside the stadium on Sundays when the temperature heads south of freezing.

Everything About Kansas City

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    Picking out one tradition from the Arrowhead faithful would be a disservice to the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase.

    Kansas City is consistently ranked as the top tailgate destination in the NFL, and it is not hard to see why,

    Fans begin tailgating days in advance of the game, the smell of barbecue engulfs the city, and it is impossible to find someone not wearing red.

    If college tailgating can be rivaled by any NFL franchise, it is clearly the Chiefs.

    Tradition spews out of every corner of Kansas City tailgating.