Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones Shows Everything That Is Wrong with the UFC

Montique DavidCorrespondent IIIJuly 11, 2012

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones—the greatest MMA fight that will never happen.

I get it, you don’t want to lose. Who does? One loss and you can be down in mid card purgatory. Another and you’re main eventing the prelims on FX. So I get that you don’t want to lose. But the problem is when you don’t even challenge yourself. When you pull a Condit, or to a lesser extent a Guida, and just totally change who you are in the Octagon for a win.

Nowadays guys don’t want to go out on their shield. They focus more on their opponent than honing their own skills. I get being well rounded and focusing on a guys’ weakness but still be yourself and do what you do. Go out on your shield. At the end of the day fans respect a guy who brings his skills to the Octagon and leaves it all in there.

However, even if you pull a Guida we can at least say you showed up. What’s totally unacceptable is not even trying. Turning down a fight right when it’s presented to you.

Last time I checked MMA was a competition between two men aiming to be the best. MMA was about being ready and willing to beat anybody in front of you. But obviously that has changed.

I’m all for the MMA evolving and getting better. This is the peak time for the sport, and with the big fights come the explosion of popularity. Silva vs Jones is our Mayweather vs Pacquiao. But they can’t fight because they’re friends. I just wonder if Ed Soares is on three-way translating the phone conversations between these two.

What’s really disheartening is to think that these two men, who are competitors in a combat sport, openly say, “Nope, I’m not going to fight that guy." And for what reason other than to protect your legacy. What legacy? Oh yeah that’s right, you’re the guy who turned down the biggest fight of all time against the other greatest guy of your time. Great legacy. You’re the best.

Give me a break.

Fans don’t care who your friends are. In the Octagon there are no friends. It’s just business. Your skills vs. his skills. Let’s see who the better man is.

Now, some fans will say, “Well they’re in different weight classes so it doesn’t make sense for them to fight." So you mean to tell me that if a man who’s a foot taller and weighs fifty pounds more than you grabs your lady’s butt in front of you that you’d look at her and say, “Sorry honey I can’t fight him he’s not in my weight class?"

Again, give me a break.

These two publicly refusing to fight each other is a slap in the face of the sport that built them. The loser will still have a job in the UFC and will still be one of the top fighters in the world. They’ll both make their largest payday to date and enjoy many other great paydays afterwards. So why not get in the cage and put your skills on display against equally hyped and talented competition? After all, it is your job right? Or are you publicly saying that you don’t want to fight because there are other guys out there that are easier to beat?

Either way, one of these men will be looked at by the majority of fans as the greatest fighter of all time. But how can you truly be the best when you refused to get in the Octagon and prove it?

It may not matter right this second, but in the long run the decision to duck this fight will exemplify everything that is wrong with the UFC, the best not wanting to truly challenge themselves.


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