UFC on Fuel TV 4: Grades for Everyone on the Main Card

Matthew Roth@mattroth512Featured ColumnistJuly 12, 2012

UFC on Fuel TV 4: Grades for Everyone on the Main Card

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    UFC on Fuel 4 fell in that weird zone where everyone was still caring about UFC 148 so most were completely and utterly unaware that the card was actually happening. 

    If you were one of those people, you missed probably one of the most important fights of Chris Weidman's career where he faced Mark Munoz in the main event. 

    Heading into the bout Munoz was actually considered by many to be the third best middleweight in the world. Apparently Weidman didn't get that memo as he put on a clinic both on the feet and on the ground. 

    My friend said it best: "Forget about potential, Chris Weidman is an elite middleweight."

    He's right. Let's see how I graded his performance and others.

Anthony Njokuani: C

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    I figured that if Anthony Njokuani had any shot at winning tonight, he'd have to finish the fight by knockout in the first round. He just tends to fade in the later rounds and Rafael Dos Anjos is a terror once he's able to find his range and rhythm. 

    That's pretty much what happened and he paid for it with losing a unanimous decision to the Brazilian fighter. I don't know what Njokuani does as he's just hasn't really shown an ability to put it all together. He's super athletic but when your grappling is suspect, that usually will lead to more losses. 

Rafael Dos Anjos: B

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    Awesome win for Rafael Dos Anjos. I'll have more when I have time to reflect on it but winning a decision over Anthony Njokuani is solid if only because he showed dominance on the ground. He looked great in the second and third rounds. 

    I don't know what happens with Rafael now but it's a big win. 

T.J. Dillashaw: B+

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    That was awesome. 

    I'm talking about that slam. It was absolutely awesome. And I'm not exaggerating at all. That was one of the most epic slams ever in a bantamweight fight. 

    The rear naked choke looked pretty vicious though it wasn't set up properly. A better fighter would have been able to fight out of that, if only for a bit. 

    I'm excited to see what he does at bantamweight as he trains with one of the best lighter weight camps in the world. 

Vaughan Lee: D

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    That was an absolutely ghastly performance. I actually was pretty excited for his chances when he stuffed Dillashaw's first takedown attempt. Unfortunately, he just couldn't keep the fight standing and was put on the mat with one of the most epic slams I've seen in the bantamweight division. 

    That he submitted to a rear naked choke that wasn't even close to under the chin speaks volumes to his heart as a fighter. Or maybe I'm wrong and Dillashaw's rear naked choke is so vicious that he doesn't even need to set it up properly. 

    I'm probably not wrong though. 

Francis Carmont: C+

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    Nice sub. But you're probably not as good as advertised.

Karlos Vemola: F

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    Where you at, Carlos? Oh, you lost to a spladle? That's terrible. 

Kenny Roberts: D+

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    Whatever, this fight was terrible. I hated watching it and I hate even more that I have to write about it. Seriously, that was so bad. 

Aaron Simpson: C+

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    Oh you won? That's cool. I wasn't impressed by your performance though. 

Joey Beltran: B-

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    He gets a B- for taking this fight on short notice and proving that he's one of the toughest dudes in the world. How tough? TeHuna broke his hands and feet. On Beltran's face. 

James TeHuna: B

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    James TeHuna did what any good Kiwi does, he punched a guy really hard in the face. When the face punching wasn't working, he dumped Beltran on his butt on multiple occasions and then continued the face punching. It wasn't the best performance but it was enough that it got him a win against a super tough and durable Joey Beltran. 

Mark Munoz: D

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    I wish I could give Mark a better grade but that was the worst performance of his career. He was absolutely bodied in the first round and was the recipient of a highlight reel knockout. That was also one of the worst stoppages and could potentially have long-term effects on him. 

    There's no bright side. He got killed tonight in the worst way. 

Chris Weidman: A+

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    If you missed the fight you don't deserve to find out how awesome Chris Weidman is. He's 9-0 in his career and just put on one of the most dominant performances in UFC history. He bodied a former NCAA National Champion in the first round and showed improved standup in the second by landing a brilliant elbow. 

    He called out Anderson Silva. I want to see that fight. Joe Silva should make that happen.