Penn State: How Many Wins Will Bill O'Brien Get in 1st Season?

Adam Jacobi@Adam_JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterJuly 11, 2012

Here are the two Adams, discussing Penn State's win total for 2012. It's a more difficult question than it appears on its face. If we're just talking video games where barely anyone ever gets injured for an appreciable amount of time and inexplicable upsets never occur, then yeah, the answer is 6-6 or 7-5, and this video is like 15 seconds long.

But college football is weird. It's contradictory and unpredictable. Penn State could beat Ohio State or Wisconsin. It could also lose to, say, Navy. Or all of that could happen in the same season. Totally plausible. Not likely, but plausible.

Assuming everything evens out, though, yeah, this Penn State team doesn't inspire a ton of confidence in either of us. But in Year 1 of a brand new era, that's of almost secondary importance, so no worries.


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