76 Best College Football Folks to Follow on Twitter

Dan Vasta@CI_StatsGuruSenior Writer IIIJuly 12, 2012

76 Best College Football Folks to Follow on Twitter

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    The world of Twitter is growing by the minute, and while some of you may not truly have an obsession for it, the majority of the world absolutely digs it.

    Players, coaches and obviously thousands of college football’s media members reach out to their followers by tweeting every little detail in the world of college football.

    Millions of fans also reach out to their favorite players, and they often get rewarded with a retweet (hopefully you know what that means, no biggie) or a short response showing their gratitude.

    So, as the countdown of college football is now under 50 days, we can officially draw out the list for the best (all 76 of them) college football folks to follow on Twitter before the season gets underway.

Jenn Brown

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    Handle: @ESPN_Jenn

    Most are anticipating for Jenn Brown to not only take over for Erin Andrews, but to become nearly as popular in the immediate future.

    An up-and-coming broadcaster (sideline reporter) who is bursting on the scene can consistently tweet to all of her followers.

    There are your typical die-hard media members, and Jenn Brown is clearly one of them.

Sammy Watkins

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    Handle: @SammyWatkins7

    The most electrifying player in America is not only worth a follow, but a closer look as he simply blows by the rest of the competition.

    On the gridiron and in the Twitterverse, Sammy Watkins will often tweet about how blessed he is to be able to flash his excellence.

Chris Huston, Heisman Pundit

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    Handle: @Heismanpundit 

    Chris Huston is a “Heisman voter breaking down the politics of the most prestigious award in sports, plus hard-hitting college football commentary & analysis.” 

    Huston is a die-hard college football fan, and as a voter for the Heisman, he is always breaking down the sport that we all love.

D.J. Fluker

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    Handle: @DjFluker76

    Arguably the best offensive tackle in the country, D.J. Fluker is getting a real grasp of the Twitter world these days.

    Getting closer to his 1,000th tweet, Fluker loves his life in Tuscaloosa and appreciates the support from his fanbase.

    Plus, this future first-round draft pick is quite the next level talent, and we could foresee him getting more publicity after another solid season in college (be one of his few followers while you can). 

Dion Bailey

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    Handle: @dbailey_18

    One of the best linebackers in the country will be playing in his sophomore season for the top-ranked Trojans, and this enjoyable character allows his followers on Twitter to speak freely.

    The best part about all of these college players is when the new NCAA '13 video game was released, all the fans went bonkers over their favorite stars.

    Bailey will retweet and or interact with the fans who show him some love, but he will tweet about practically everything related to the sport of football whether it be movies, video games or Trojan football. 

Keenan Allen

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    Handle: @KAAdeuce1

    Keenan Allen is one of the premier wide receivers in the country thanks to his ability to beat defenders deep and come away with tough catches in traffic.

    However, he is slowly starting to grasp the Twitter world a bit despite having less than 2,000 followers at the moment.

    Still, this kid is a budding star who should be a stud at the next level, so follow him before the whole nation does in six months.

Tyler Bray

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    Handle: @tbrayvol8

    One of the next superstars ready to burst onto the national scene of college football will be Tyler Bray. Having a rocket arm and a few star receivers surely helps, but his near 24,000 (and counting) followers allow everybody to see just how normal of a kid he is.


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    Handle: @BR_CFB

    Love college football?

    Give Bleacher Report’s college football a solid follow because they will bury you with news and updates that every fan must get a hand on.

    Whether it is the offseason or in the middle of October with the BCS standings coming out, you won’t miss a beat with this follow. 

Stedman Bailey

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    Handle: @iamSB3

    Being left off the Maxwell List would upset myself a bit if I had the talents of one Stedman Bailey, but this top-12 receiver in America certainly deserves to be on such a prestigious list.

    Known as Geno Smith’s main partner in crime alongside Tavon Austin, this Mountaineer is one of the premier players in the Big 12. He seeks motivation and his recent tweet suggests he is ready to break out (again).

    I still got a lot to prove I see... #Motivation

    — Stedman Bailey(@iamSB3)

Brandon Jenkins

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    Handle: @BJenkinsFSU

    One of the premier defensive ends in the country is always worth a follow on Twitter simply because he is that “it” guy to give a second look.

    He may be an outside linebacker at the next level, but he has one more monster season left in the tank in Tallahassee, and he is hopeful in returning the Seminoles to national prominence.

    Nearly 10,000 followers and over 5,000 tweets allow all of his fans to get a closer look at the daily thoughts of an All-American.

Heather Dinich

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    Handle: @ESPN_ACC

    Have some love for the ACC?

    Heather Dinich covers everything related to the ACC, and her several blog posts per day always have the readers coming back for more.

    Instead of not knowing when her blogs are posted, following her on Twitter makes it that much easier since they will be waiting for you to read by the click of a button.

Adam Kramer

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    Handle: @KegsnEggs

    Adam Kramer may have a lot of love for fat guy touchdowns, but the pageantry he has for college football is clear as day.

    Whether it is simulating the latest NCAA ’13 video game or writing his featured articles on Bleacher Report, Kramer packs quite the punch for all of his tweets. 

Keith Price

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    Handle: @KeithPrice17

    His recent tweet, “Preparation is the quickest way to reach your prime,” just goes to show you how motivated and eager some of these college players are to get their season started.

    College football is their livelihood, and many wish nothing more than for the season opener to get here as soon as possible.

    Keith Price is an All-American caliber quarterback who is looking to have a sensational season for Steve Sarkisian and the Huskies, but his inspirational and wise tweets are worth a look. 

Drew Allen

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    Handle: @DrewAllen1

    He may be the third-string quarterback in Norman for the Sooners, but Drew Allen is one of the more intriguing Twitter followers on this entire list.

    Allen is your typical collegiate athlete enjoying the ride, and the majority of his tweets are easy to follow along and they are a bit funny when he retweets or has a conversation with one of his teammates.

Adam Rittenberg/Brian Bennett

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    Handle: @ESPN_BigTen

    ESPN’s bloggers for the Big Ten are Adam Rittenberg and Brian Bennett; most covet them for all of the updates surfacing around the Big Ten.

    As one of the premier conferences in America, the Big Ten is certainly a worthy follow especially after they retweet funny videos such as this

College Gameday

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    Handle: @CollegeGameDay

    ESPN’s College Gameday is the best college football show known to mankind, and it is not even that close.

    The entertainment and expertise the show has every fall Saturday is nothing short of perfection, but it puts you in the right mind and sets the mood to get the beautiful sport underway.

    Following College Gameday on Twitter allows us all to countdown the days until the 2012 season, and once it gets underway, they always keep their fans active with all of their poll questions, topics and debates.

Phil Steele

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    Handle: @philsteele042

    The top prognosticator in the country is Phil Steele, and his preseason magazines that hit newsstands every single June is one of the best feelings all offseason.

    One cannot do without the Phil Steele magazine because of all the packed information that is entertaining for readers to soak in.

    Whether it be the last seven seasons with their schedules listed on the bottom or perhaps his entire breakdown of each position on every team (among a million other things), Steele is arguably the best expert out there in terms of publications.

Kenny Stills

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    Handle: @KSTiLLS4

    Kenny Stills is quite the character, but his ability to torch opposing Big 12 defensive backs makes him a solid follow. The Sooner receiver can stretch the field and tweet in his sleep, but he is one of the best ones to follow on Twitter among active college football players. 

Dari Nowkhah

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    Handle: @ESPNDari

    Dari Nowkhah does ESPN Radio during fall Saturdays, and he does a fine job stirring up the pot a bit on Twitter.

    He ranked West Virginia as his top team, and many haters let him know about how big of a mistake they think he made. Either way, Nowkhah is a great follow and will attempt to not make you aware of his (at times) Sooner bias, since he is an alumnus.

Rece Davis

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    Handle: @ESPN_ReceDavis

    Rece Davis is slowly becoming one of the best in the business with everything he does for ESPN, but his work as the host of College Football Final on top of everything related to college football on Saturdays has caught most of America’s attention. 

    Always fan friendly, Davis is a follow who is worthy of some attention since he as much of a die-hard as there is.

Stewart Mandel

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    Handle: @slmandel

    Stewart Mandel recently made an appearance on ESPN’s College Football Live, but let it be known that he is one of the premier writers in the country. Mandel is a one-of-a-kind writer for Sports Illustrated and is a joy to follow on Twitter. 

Eric Reid

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    Handle: @E_Reid1

    This Bayou Bengals safety is a budding superstar, and he too should be a future top-notch draft pick. Reid is one of the harder hitting safeties who can also cover a ton of ground, and he isn’t too shabby in the world of Twitter either.

Jarvis Jones

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    Handle: @SacManJones_29

    Jarvis Jones is arguably the best edge rusher in the country, and he headlines a tremendously talented defense of the ‘Dawgs.

    This sackmaster may have less than 5,000 followers at the moment, but he is one who will retweet many of his followers and he often talks nicely with anybody who shows some UGA love.

    Jones will likely become a high draft pick next season, so follow him and ask him a question or two while you still can.

De’Anthony Thomas

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    Handle: @BLACPOLO6

    Arguably the most electric player in America, De’Anthony Thomas is one hell of a speed demon who cannot be tracked down in the open field.

    The multi-faceted player is also a solid tweeter who puts some emphasis on his tweets. He capitalizes every single tweet—maybe I would do the same if I were the most electrifying player on the face of this planet.  

Barrett Jones

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    Handle: @BarrettAJones

    Barrett Jones is coming off a BCS National Championship and an Outland Trophy, and he is one of the finest players in the country. He can play tackle, guard or even center on the Tide’s offensive line and although he doesn’t tweet every single minute of the day, he is worthy of a follow. 

Paul Finebaum

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    Handle: @finebaum

    Paul Finebaum will quote several of the coaches around the country, but his radio show on “SiriusXM College Sports Nation on Channel 91 from 3-7 p.m. ET” always gets the fans going.

    Plus, on the Twitter world he will touch base with every analyst and writer just so he gets a solid feeling of where everybody stands (in addition to giving his own opinion).

Samantha Steele

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    Handle: @Samantha_Steele

    A tremendous talent on the sidelines during the college football season, Samantha Steele is quite the follow on Twitter as well.

    Having over 31,000 followers along with over 7,000 tweets puts her on the more underrated list for media members in this sport.  

Tony Barnhart

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    Handle: @MrCFB

    Mr. College Football is Tony Barnhart as he will have his own show on CBS’s College Network during the season on top of his radio shows in the South.

    However, Barnhart is another die-hard who simply loves nothing more than talking about fall Saturdays.

Tim Brando

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    Handle: @TimBrando

    Having his own sports radio show that is televised every weekday morning on CBS’s College Network is a joy in itself, but Tim Brando will break down collegiate sports with the best of them (and has done so for decades).

Les Miles

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    Handle: @LSUCoachMiles

    Just based off his recent NCAA commercial, Les Miles is a must-follow with his ability to entertain everybody around him.

    Miles loves Tiger football, and more importantly he eats, sleeps and breathes college football. That in itself is worth the follow, and you never know what the “Mad Hatter” may tweet next.

Steve Sarkisian

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    Handle: @CoachSark

    Steve Sarkisian is a solid head coach for the Washington Huskies, but he relates as if he plays on the team.

    Putting no individuals on a pedestal, he will tweet even through the offseason and will show off a few pictures to let his followers know where and what he is doing along the way until the 2012 season gets going. 

Darren Rovell

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    Handle: @darrenrovell

    This sports business reporter can crunch the numbers from the business side of things and relate it to the world of sports with such ease.

    Every sport included, college football is one of the many debates of tweets that he will reach out to his 226,000 (and growing) followers.

Pat Forde

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    Handle: @YahooForde

    Pat Forde was a hell of a writer for ESPN, and most will miss him from ESPN U’s The Experts next season since he started working for Yahoo late last year.

    A solid follow because of the loads of information he brings to the table, Forde is one of the perfect follows for college football die-hard’s.

Ivan Maisel

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    Handle: @Ivan_Maisel

    Ivan Maisel always has intriguing articles on ESPN.com, and his blogs and or videos keep us going all year long. Besides keeping it tuned here on B/R, Maisel on Twitter alone can keep you busy.

Dennis Dodd

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    Handle: @dennisdoddcbs

    This CBS national writer can break it all down for you, and we all know that we need more than a few to follow as we count down the season to start.

    We are officially under 50 days, and guys like Dennis Dodd only help make the time go by quicker.

Mark May

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    Handle: @mark_may

    Mark May is personally one of my favorite analysts on ESPN, but the College Football Hall of Famer offers an underrated opinion on Twitter as well.

    Outside of the Twitter world, many should tune into College Football Final since he really is able to share his voice on the game.

    Throw in the fact he often gets in heated debates with Lou Holtz, and that only makes it that much easier to follow the former Pitt Panther legend.

Todd McShay

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    Handle: @McShay13

    Just like Mel Kiper Jr, Todd McShay offers an analysis that most simply cannot. Following every little detail for all of the top-notch players is fun for all the fans.

    Being able to hear the opinion of any media member is entertaining, but McShay will always tell it like it is.  

Mel Kiper Jr

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    Handle: @MelKiperESPN

    Mel Kiper is the NFL Draft guru who will always be the most popular guy to follow once the season is officially over.

    Even during the season, Kiper is on ESPN Radio and will throw in his insight and opinions on every single player and team seemingly in the country. 


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    Handle: @SPORTSbyBROOKS

    Always discussing the hottest debates and rumors in the world of sports, this is a must-follow.

    Hauling in nearly 80K followers is not too shabby either, but the die-hards who love their sports and college football should join the discussion. 


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    Handle: @CFBLIVE

    ESPN’s College Football Live is arguably the best (and only weekday) show to follow at any and every point of the college football season.

    Always friendly to the fans, they often tackle the vital discussions of the sport on top of your typical breakdowns of the specific teams, players and conferences.

Tom Luginbill

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    Handle: @TomLuginbill

    As ESPN’S National Recruiter Director, Tom Luginbill always will be talking the present and future state of your favorite football program.

    However, he also is on ESPNU every week (“The Experts”) and gives solid analysis along the way.

    A former Georgia Tech quarterback does a fine job breaking it all down, and he is a solid enough of a tweeter as well. 

Chris Low & Edward Aschoff

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    Handle: ESPN_SEC

    SEC football is the best conference in the country, and getting all the latest news and notes is vital.

    Whether it be revolving around your top coaches, players or teams, everything is a can’t-miss opportunity to gaining even more information. 


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    Handle: BCSKnowHow

    Many get confused over the BCS rules and or slots that every bowl has once the postseason comes calling.

    Lots of links are provided to help end any questions one may have, but there is nothing wrong with bookmarking a few less websites and instead following a few more relevant accounts.

Chris Fowler

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    Handle: @cbfowler

    Announcing tennis for ESPN will lead to intriguing tweets if you do not follow the sport religiously, but one of the wittiest and most entertaining follows in college football is Chris Fowler.

    He may not tweet a whole lot (recently he has), but one cannot help but enjoy the guy on Saturday morning with the Gameday crew.

David Pollack

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    Handle: @davidpollack47

    Often talking about classic movies and ultimate sports trivia and or debates, David Pollack is more than just a legendary Georgia Bulldog.

    The current ESPN analyst for College Gameday (Palmer & Pollack too) loves his college football but will dabble in other sports as well.

Matt Barkley

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    Handle: @MattBarkley

    The best quarterback in the country deserves a follow simply because many believe he is likely to lead the Trojans back to the promised land.

    The top Heisman candidate will take America by storm this season, and the offensive weapons he has around him will only make that much more of a threat.

Aaron Murray

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    Handle: @aaronmurray11

    This ‘Dawgs quarterback is primed for a superstar caliber of a season, and his positive tweets are always worth a peek.

    Excited to play the sport that we all love watching, Murray says it all on his profile, “Loving life at UGA!” 

Kenny Shaw

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    Handle: @KShaw81

    Kenny Shaw may not be headlining any All-American watch lists this summer, but he is a talented receiver who is beyond ready to break out in Tallahassee.

    Many do not appreciate some of Shaw’s or any college football players’ tweets, but these kids are going to say whatever is on their mind at times, so you can either take it or leave it as it stands.

    He could tweet (over 11,000 tweets) for hours and hours if it not were for becoming that X-factor for the Seminoles' 2012-2013 BCS title run. 

Tony Jefferson

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    Handle: @tonyjefferson1

    “I’m about whatever man” and Tony Jefferson will tweet arguably more than anybody on this list (29,000 tweets). Answering back to his critics and fans is one thing for this Sooner, but he gets a strong reaction thanks to his ability (mainly during offseason) to tweet during his down time. 

Geno Smith

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    Handle: @onetwo_GS

    Technically known as Eugene Geno Smith, this Mountaineer passer can thread the needle and has the perfect receivers and coaching staff to allow him to succeed like former greats Major Harris and Pat White.

    Most feel that the offense will need to put up big numbers since their defense is not quite on the same level as Texas or Oklahoma, but Smith is the type of leader that is rare.

    He worries about nothing but the task at hand, and he battles for his teammates on every single play.

    Smith and his Twitter account reflect upon that, and he loves nothing more than taking some of the spotlight to ease the tension (he will tell you he has swag) from everybody.

Erin Andrews

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    Handle: @ErinAndrews

    Nearly 9,000 tweets clearly makes Erin Andrews an active tweeter, but she is a die-hard sports fan who is set to take off with Fox Sports.

    Discussing the world is underrated because she can relate to anything about sports, but college football is one of her favorites, having formerly worked with ESPN’s College Gameday crew.

Montee Ball

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    Handle: @M_Ball28

    Following arguably the best running back and overall player in the country is a no-brainer. Eclipsing 1,500 yards and setting the new FBS record for total TDs (39) have allowed Montee Ball to finally receive his dues.

Robert Woods

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    Handle: @HeismanWoods

    Robert Woods could be a dark horse to capture the Heisman entering his junior season thanks to Matt Barkley and Marqise Lee.

    However, Woods is arguably the best receiver on the planet (save Sammy Watkins or Robert’s teammate), and some believe you need to follow the best in the country no matter what.

Kiehl Frazier

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    Handle: @KiehlFrazier

    The starting quarterback at Auburn is vital in the state and for the conference as a whole, but Kiehl Frazier enjoys life by each moment with the way he tweets.

    Some use Twitter as a place to keep in touch with their friends, fans and even haters. Frazier is a pleasant follow, and his near 15,000 followers must be digging the tweets these days.

Brad Wing

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    Handle: @bwing38

    Many average fans could care less about a silly punter, but this All-American has a boot and then some for the Bayou Bengals.

    LSU’s star punter always has interesting sayings, and they are normally motivating. Not every tweeter has the best or most positive things, but this stud punter is worth the follow as he often lets you know what is going on with his teammates.

Tavarres King

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    Handle: @TKUnoDos

    Tavarres King is an underrated star receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs, and he will be a key component for their chances of returning to the SEC championship.

    Many players often tweet as soon as they wake up, and they often will be talking about that grind mode also known as giving it their all and fighting for the sport that they love so much.

Braxton Miller

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    Handle: @BraxtonMiller5

    The Ohio State Buckeyes can tweet with the best of them in terms of teams out there regardless of the sport, and Braxton Miller is heating up on Twitter.

    As the season progresses, expect some intriguing tweets as the electric quarterback should dazzle us on and off the gridiron.

Barrett Sallee

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    Handle: @BarrettSallee

    For those who love college football, this is a must-follow simply due to the fact that SEC football is king.

    The power conference rules the sport at the end of the day (at least for the last six years), and Bleacher Report’s Barrett Sallee does a tremendous job covering every single detail in the SEC.

    Lastly, I consider myself a tweeting champ, but Barrett Sallee puts yours truly to shame these days with his ability to crack out seemingly 100 tweets per day as of late.  

Desmond Howard

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    Handle: @DesmondHoward

    Desmond Howard not only is a part of ESPN’s College Gameday, but he is a die-hard sports fan who will tweet any and everything going on in the world of sports.

    The Heisman Trophy winner from 1991 is an enthusiastic and avid fan of college football, and it shows with his dedication and often wise tweets. 

Jerry Palm

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    Handle: @jppalmCBS

    As he calls himself a sports geek, Jerry Palm is known obviously for college basketball, but all of his conference alignment talks is actually worth a second look. Any confusion or frustration can all be sorted out with a simple follow.

Tajh Boyd

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    Handle: @TajhB10

    This Clemson Tiger quarterback has the ability to put together a fantastic season thanks to his superstar wide receiver.

    Boyd has 16,000 followers (E.J. Manuel has almost 18,000) and could be your dark horse choice to get a Heisman invite. These entertaining star quarterbacks are some of the best tweeters out there, so give them a chance to throw enjoyable conversations.  

E.J. Manuel

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    Handle: @EJManuel3

    The starting and talented quarterback at Florida State needs some more followers like he needs supporters.

    An injury-riddled 2011 season was tough to endure, but he has all the talent in the world to put this program back on the map. 

David Ubben

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    Handle: @davidubben

    A Big 12 blogger for ESPN, Ubben is worth a follow for any Big 12 fan who digs non-stop updates and conversation. Personally, there is never enough talk for me in regards to college football, so this is worthy a follow.

Pete Roussel

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    Handle: @coachingsearch

    On top of everything related to coaching news in college football, Pete Rousell will update you with every bit of news in regards to the FBS coaches. A solid follow, surely worth it for those die-hards.

Joe Schad

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    Handle: @schadjoe

    Accustomed to appearing on College Football Live, Schad is great to follow on Twitter thanks to all of the access he has at his disposal. A hard-working media member, he enjoys tweeting and answering many of the fans' questions. 

Andy Staples

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    Handle: @Andy_Staples

    Andy Staples is one of the top writers in all of college football, and his latest tweets and column on the top high school recruit in the country makes him a must-follow.

Dan Wetzel

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    Handle: @DanWetzel

    This Yahoo Sports national columnist isn’t known only for college football, but his perspective is a must-follow with all of his articles and top-notch stories.

    He isn’t a selfish writer though, since he will often be talking about any and everything related to the world of collegiate sports. 

Bruce Feldman

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    Handle: @BFeldmanCBS

    Many have paid zero attention to Bruce Feldman since his move from ESPN to CBS, but he is a great follow for breaking news and stories.

    Always worth a look since there are so many writers who have different twists on their own articles, Feldman ranks among the best.

Cierre Wood

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    Handle: @stadium20status

    Cierre Wood has stepped up his game on the gridiron and on the tweeting surface, and he is quite the running back for the Irish.

    A solid follow on Twitter is necessary because everybody loves talking about Notre Dame football, and usually it is because of all its haters, but the Irish sure make college football the best sport to follow.

    The entertainment is legit, and usually you can make sense of his tweets (which isn’t always the case for many).

Southern Sports Tonight

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    Handle: @SSTRadio

    One of the best radio shows in the entire country (best for constant CFB), Southern Sports Talk will talk to its fans about college football 24/7/365.

    Covering all of the teams in the southern parts of the country where college football is a way of life, the offseason is much more enjoyable and goes by much quicker thanks to their constant talks that they constantly link on Twitter.

Knile Davis

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    Handle: @BoobieKnile_Era

    Outside of a great Twitter handle name (it is his nickname), Knile Davis happens to be one of the best running backs in the country.

    With over 2,600 tweets, Davis is primed and ready to go for the 2012 season, though he is not afraid to thank a few of his 18,000-plus followers in the process.

T.J. McDonald

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    Handle: @tmacUSC7

    One of the hardest-hitting players in the country will be playing on the gridiron for the top-ranked team heading into the season.

    T.J. McDonald can lay the wood with the best of them, but he also is an underrated tweeter who deserves at least a look at following.

Roy Roundtree

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    Handle: TreezyUM21

    Hail To the Victors!

    Any Michigan starting football player will be coveted on Twitter, but he makes his case as he has tweeted over 13,000 times.

    Known as Denard Robinson’s star receiver, Roundtree is always kind and friendly to his followers. 

College Football

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    Handle: @CollegeFootball

    Following every college football media member sounds great, but getting 24/7 breaking news is what makes this account worthy of following.

    If there are even rumors of something, there's great chance this Twitter handle will be the first to talk about since there are always writers discussing every single thing in the sport. 

A.J. McCarron

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    Handle: @10AJMcCarron

    The quarterback of the best team on the planet is never a bad idea to follow, but coming off a BCS title and a huge Twitter war with LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu makes him a must-follow.

    A.J. McCarron is a smart player but even a better tweeter. The Crimson Tide are not known for having a bunch of players on Twitter, but McCarron is their top dog. 

Tyrann Mathieu

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    Handle: @TM7_Era

    The “Honey Badger” was arguably the best defensive player and most electrifying player on the planet last season. He sure has his haters out there because of what he often says or for coming off as a bit brash at times.

    However, I consider him arguably the best tweeter in the game (sounds funny) and one of the fiercest competitors as well.

    He is typically one of those players you hate to play against but love to have on your team. He is a ball-hawking defensive back that teams must punt away from or else he will burn them (see Twitter war with A.J. McCarron), and the same can be said if you attempt to hate on him on Twitter.

    Follow @Dan_Vasta