DeSean Jackson Guaranteed to Be Chilling at Awesome ESPY's

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DeSean Jackson Guaranteed to Be Chilling at Awesome ESPY's
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

DeSean Jackson is a modern marvel when it comes to the simple task of tweeting. 

Sportress of Blogitude directs our attention to a tweet that had a tad more information than was intended, and it has made all the difference. 

The tweet sent out by Jackson has since been deleted, but Sound of Philly had it for us here.


The link sends you to this image. 

Photo Credit: Sound of Philly

That would be Jackson getting a directive from some public relations handler in what we presume to be a private message, and then copying and pasting it to the masses. 

Even athletes can be lazy. 

No worries, because Jackson still plans on attending the ESPY's, just as was designed.


That tweet fails to explain whether or not he will be chilling at all, and that is all that's on my mind at the moment. 

SB Nation spotted something rather odd about a myriad of tweets hitting the Internet. It seems DeSean Jackson wasn't alone in being tabbed to tweet, just the only one to fail at it. 

They range from verbatim Vince Young.


To the every creative Von Miller.


The morale of the story is a bunch of athletes will be at the ESPYs and they just can't be trusted to tweet the damn thing on their own. 

That and there are some lazy people behind the scenes pulling the Twitter strings, and the fallout has been hilarious. So, thank you. 

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