Samantha Steele and Heather Cox Reportedly Fill ESPN Hole Left by Erin Andrews

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 11, 2012

Photo Credit: B/R
Photo Credit: B/R

Erin Andrews will be replaced by not one, but two ESPN personalities, as Samantha Steele and Heather Cox are reportedly set to take over respective duties left vacant by the newly departed reporter. 

The Big Lead cites sources who have confirmed Samantha Steele will take over duties once given to Erin Andrews in the form of Saturday College Football coverage, and Heather Cox will provide reporting for Saturday night's coverage. 

Samantha Steele, a rising star at ESPN, has been tabbed as the replacement for Erin Andrews as co-host of ESPNU’s 9 a.m. College Football Gameday Show on Saturdays this fall, sources tell The Big Lead. In addition, Steele will be featured on Gameday on ESPN at 10 a.m. in the same capacity Andrews was.

Additionally, ESPN has selected Heather Cox as the replacement for Andrews on ABC’s Saturday night College Football game of the week. She’ll be paired with the network’s top announcing pair of Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit.

The report issues these decisions were made Wednesday and were supposed to be released to the public next week.

Of course, this gives us a moment to say "we told you so," as Bleacher Report once featured a list of reporters who could fill in for the famed Erin Andrews, and Samantha Steele topped the list—from 2009. Try not to take too big a swill of the Haterade. 

Joking aside, we applaud the solid if not obvious choice in Steele. She is the perfect personality to lead Saturday mornings. 

The video that will no doubt become viral once again will be the one of her getting rocked to the ground and showing off her cannon of an arm. 

That's all in good fun, but it does little to highlight how genuine and engaging Steele can be. I look forward to the nation getting to know her much more fully. 

Heather Cox brings some gravitas to the night portion of the program. She has covered sports for ESPN and ABC since 1995, and reported from the Olympics for NBC in 2008, via ESPN

The important part is she can also rap, or more precisely report on players rapping. 

Both women will do fine in their new roles—of this I have no doubt. It goes to show that despite what critics say about the worldwide leader, they are never want of talent. 

They may have been sad to see Erin Andrews go, but they will be just fine with Steele and Cox picking up the pieces. 


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