Impact Wrestling Preview: Destination X Fallout, the Knockouts Title and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJuly 12, 2012

It's Thursday again and that means is a new episode of TNA Impact Wrestling!

TNA has been on quite the roll so far this year and there may be no sign of it stopping. This episode will be coming off of the momentum from a great Destination X pay-per-view and that could shape this week's show in a big way.

For this episode, TNA has confirmed four matches, one of which is a title match, and the fallout from the PPV.

Let's see what TNA Wrestling has in store for the fans this week!

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park

Back in March, Joseph Park made his TNA debut looking for his missing brother, Abyss. He went around to wrestler after wrestler asking questions to no luck. He was soon pointed to Bully Ray, though, and began to bug him about the situation.

Despite threats of violence, Park just wouldn't give up. The bully finally had enough and admitted to leaving Abyss for dead and a match between him and Park was booked for Slammiversary.

The match was more of a fight than a match and fans saw Abyss make his return to chokeslam Bully Ray through a table, thus giving his brother the win.

With Park having some closure, he stuck around as he loved being around the fans. The bully wasn't done, though, and continued to target Abyss' lawyer brother.

Park took the initiative and challenged Bully Ray to another match, which will be happening this week.

Will Bully Ray finally be able to shut up Joseph Park? With Bully Ray's restraining order on Abyss, can Park survive without his brother?

The Last Man Standing: What's Next After A.J. Styles' Victory Over Christopher Daniels?

One year ago, A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels went one-on-one at Destination X. Styles picked up the victory and their friendship began to explode. Daniels' jealously took over as he couldn't accept the fact that he lost.

A year later, these two talented wrestlers are still at each other's throats. It has evolved, though, into something big.

Kazarian soon joined Daniels in fighting Styles and they began to reveal photos, video and a phone call that implicated Styles in an affair with TNA president Dixie Carter. A war over the Tag Team Championship entered into the fold with Daniels and Kazarian battling Styles and Angle over the titles.

Styles and Angle took the titles from them at Slammiversary and the situation was explained. Styles and Dixie were together to help an addict, Claire Lynch, get clean, but everything took a new turn a few weeks ago.

They lost the titles back to Daniels and Kazarian, and Daniels revealed that Styles was the father of Claire's baby.

Styles gained some revenge at Destination X after he took down Daniels in a great Last Man Standing match. While he has dealt with Daniels, he still has the accusations of fathering Claire's baby to deal with.

What will happen now that A.J. Styles has once again defeated Christopher Daniels? Can he explain Daniels' accusations?

A New X-Division Champion: What’s Next for Zema Ion and the X-Division?

As a result of Austin Aries giving up the X-Division Championship, the title was put on the line in a tournament at Destination X. Eight wrestlers competed in the first round with the final four fighting it out in Ultimate X later on in the night.

Sonjay Dutt, Zema Ion, Mason Andrews and Kenny King advanced to the match with the man that broke Jesse Sorenson's neck grabbing the title.

The X-Division seems to be back on track, but will it stay that way? The tournament has featured many great talent over the weeks including King, Andrews, Rubix as well as the returning Dutt. Will any of these wrestlers be sticking around to help the division?

How about other former X-Division wrestlers, will anymore be making their returns? Ion is a first time champion, how will be handle carrying an entire division?

The Bound for Glory Series Continues

The Bound for Glory Series is heating up as 12 wrestlers compete for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory in October.

The series currently sees Samoa Joe on top with 37 points, gaining the top spot after defeating Kurt Angle at Destination X, but James Storm trails behind by only one point. All but two wrestlers are currently on the board as Bully Ray and Robbie E have zero points.

This week, the series continues with two matches as fourth place wrestler Angle takes on sixth place wrestler Mr. Anderson, and front runner Samoa Joe goes one-on-one with seventh place wrestler Rob Van Dam.

Which of these four will be able to gain the much needed points?

Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim: Knockouts Championship

At Slammiversary, Miss Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim to become the new TNA Knockouts champion. Since then, she has been on a roll as the new champion has defeated former champions like Madison Rayne and Mickie James.

Gail had yet to get her rematch, though, as the executive in charge of the Knockouts, Brooke Hogan, declared that she would decide when the match took place.

Two weeks ago, Hogan booked the match for last week, but Gail managed to get it postponed. Stating that she needed eight days to prepare instead of seven, the match was changed to a tag team match featuring Gail and Madison taking on Tessmacher and Tara.

The reformed TNT picked up the victory and this match was booked.

Can Tessmacher retain the title against the veteran Gail Kim, or will the fans see a new champion?

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived: Austin Aries is the New TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Austin Aries made his return to TNA last July and made an immediate impact. The former two-time ROH world champion began targeting the X-Division Championship and would win it in September from Brian Kendrick.

Aries proceeded to take down every other wrestler in the division, becoming the longest-reigning champion in the process. Due to his success in the division and in TNA in the short time of a year, Hulk Hogan made him an offer.

That offer was giving up the title for a shot at the world title at Destination X. He took the offer, but added a stipulation. Every year at Destination X the champion could do exactly what he did if they wanted to. Hogan liked the idea and made it so.

At 298 days, Aries relinquished the title and received his match as promised. At Destination X, he and champion Bobby Roode had a great one-on-one match and capped off quite the PPV.

In the end, though, Roode's 256 days as champion came to an end when Aries pinned him to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

What's next for Austin Aries? Will Bobby Roode receive his rematch at Hardcore Justice?

This episode of Impact Wrestling is certainly shaping up to be another good one. Will it be? Tune in at 8 ET to find out!

Did you happen to miss last week's episode? Then tune in at 7 ET for TNA's new Impact Rewind show!


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