WWE Money in the Bank: WWE Championship Prediction

Pedro SuarezCorrespondent IIIJuly 11, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

It's safe to assume that no one is really 100% sure who's going to win the WWE Championship bout between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

And it's totally justifiable with AJ's involvement in the feud.

AJ has added a very interesting angle and the WWE has not been shy about featuring her frequently on television and through other outlets like Facebook.

But I argue that WWE creative is having way too much fun with this feud to end it anytime soon. So expect there to be a questionable outcome at Money in the Bank.

What does this mean?

It will end in another controversial "draw". This would allow CM Punk to remain champion and Daniel Bryan to stay in the championship scene.

I'm not proposing that this is the best idea or even the right one. But WWE creative doesn't seem to want to push either superstar as better for the following reasons:

1) Daniel Bryan is still in the "investment" stage. WWE creative and management are building Daniel Bryan to be a top tier superstar. Therefore, allowing him to lose cleanly to CM Punk would inhibit that momentum.

2) If Daniel Bryan wins cleanly over CM Punk, it would be a blow to Punk's stock. Additionally, it would likely eliminate the potential for a CM Punk versus John Cena feud at SummerSlam.

3) Ending their match in controversial fashion would also leave the opportunity open for a triple threat match for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena. John Cena, whether you like him or not, is the most likely to win the Money in the Bank.

Therefore, as interesting as AJ is, her character has been a huge success as a result of the mystery surrounding her mental state. Once she makes a decision, the flare is gone. WWE creative wants to keep us guessing throughout the summer.

This might be disappointing to some, but keep in mind that the WWE wants to preserve the biggest hype for their biggest Pay-Per-Views. SummerSlam is a huge money maker and they will do everything they can to draw fans in.