A-Rod Comes Clean? Not Completely

Justin DahlkeContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

During this afternoon's press conference in Tampa Bay, Alex Rodriguez read a statement regarding his steroid use during the 2001, 2002 and 2003 seasons.

A-Rod confessed to taking the drug and to being "young and stupid." He also informed the attending media of how he came to use it and where it came from.

However, in terms of the Q&A session, it appears that Alex may still be keeping some secrets.

Some questions posed from various media outlets have been avoided. While that is his prerogative how to answer questions, today's press conference could leave more questions than answers.

As repeatedly mentioned by ESPN analyst Buster Olney, many people close to Rodriguez, including Andy Pettite, suggested that he come as clean as possible so as to avoid future troubles relating to those drug tests.

Several times, A-Rod answered with his "young and stupid" ploy. Granted, he may have not been so well-informed as to what he was taking, but he must have had an inclination, as he was informed that it would improve his performance on the field.

When he was interviewed last year, Rodriguez claimed to have not taken any performance-enhancing substances, but just today clarified that he knew he was taking something that would allegedly improve his on-field performance.

Unfortunately for Rodriguez, this is something will always be following him throughout the remainder of his career and again when his name is put on Hall of Fame ballots, at least until he tells the whole truth.

The only question remaining is how history will look at Alex Rodriguez, and whether he has he done enough to regain the trust of the MLB and, most importantly, the fans.