Fred Freeman: Wisconsin Girls Hoops Coach Arrested for Punching Player

Gabe ZaldivarSenior Writer IIMarch 28, 2017

Fred Freeman will have trouble explaining away one of the most detestable things a youth coach can do, as he is alleged to have struck a 17-year-old girl basketball player after a recent loss. 

The Huffington Post reports Freeman became embroiled in an altercation with one of his players Monday and it ended with him allegedly striking the girl to the ground. 

The 47-year old coach from Hartford faces a misdemeanor charge of battery which took place at the Indiana Fieldhouse Sports Complex near Indianapolis.

Police spokesman Officer Tom Weger had this to say, via The Huffington Post

The victim told officers her basketball coach was verbally abusing her after the team lost their game. She reported that during a verbal altercation he punched her in the face, threw her to the ground and got on top of her with his hands around her throat.

The report issues the victim had scrapes on her arms and legs. Freeman was later arrested at a restaurant wherein he stated he was the victim. 

It's hard to believe his claims when you consider the rest of the report. 

Apparently Freeman's own daughter was present and shouted for her father to stop, and a parent of another player, Jean Washington, stated they saw Freeman hitting the victim. 

Per the report, Washington alleges Freeman struck the victim while she was on the ground and heard his daughter state, "No, Daddy."

When the altercation was over, Washington directed the victim back to the gym and Freeman left with other members of the team. 

If true, there is no shortage of shock and amazement I have for this man. There is no reason to ever strike a woman, much less a minor who you are entrusted to lead as a coach and mentor. 

The other appalling aspect is this might be a mere misdemeanor when it sounds to be something far more egregious in nature. 

Per the report, Freeman is due to be released of his own recognizance from the Hamilton County Jail on Tuesday. 

We await his side of this appalling story. 

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