Myrtle Beach Fishing Video Featuring Bullhead Shark Both Terrifying and Amazing

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 11, 2012

It's not often a fishing video hits the Internet as a must-see event, but this one featuring a bullhead shark certainly qualifies. 

We tip our hat to Big Lead Sports, who featured this video that had us speechless—something rather difficult to do. 

Here is the viral video of the day. Make note that there is some NSFW language, which is understandable, as there is a freaking shark with laser beams attached to its head. Okay, maybe not, but close. 

Questionable language arrives at :45 second mark, same time as shark. 

There you have it—the best reason to never go fishing off a pier ever. 

The Big Lead Sports report gives us two bits of information that we will just go ahead and take as true: It's a video taken in Myrtle Beach, and it features a bullhead shark—a rather nasty one who doesn't mind stealing food. 


The more amazing aspect to this video is that a random cameraman thought a fishing exhibition warranted the time and effort it takes to press record. 

I have been fishing, and it's a perfect alternative to taking a nap. Other than that, it's not the riveting activity you usually record. 

With that, we applaud the gods of perfect timing for allowing this guy to capture this amazing moment and put it on this Internet machine. 


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