Manchester United Transfer News: Quick Bid for Lucas Moura Will Backfire on Reds

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistJuly 11, 2012

Courtesy of Samba Foot
Courtesy of Samba Foot

Sir Alex Ferguson is trying to make a big splash in a hurry, as Manchester United looks to make upgrades to the roster prior to the start of the Olympics. 

According to the U.K. Mirror, Manchester United has put in a bid of £20million-plus for 19-year-old winger Lucas Moura, with the catch that the squad wants him signed, sealed and delivered before the July 27 Summer Olympics in London. 

Fergie has been after Lucas for weeks but the attempt to land him has become serious, with Inter Milan also in the hunt - and the youngster admitting he could possibly move.

United do not want Lucas to light up the Olympics this month and push his value higher again. Sao Paulo scent a killing and are looking for a jackpot deal.

The Brazilians claimed to have had a £32million bid from Chelsea last season and would like that figure. United are convinced they currently have the best offer on the table.

The Reds are really backing themselves into a corner by putting a self-imposed deadline on Moura. He may not be ready to sign before July 27, so what does the squad do then? Are they actually going to pull the offer off the table?

If Manchester United is so afraid of Moura's price going up, ownership should do all it can to make him an offer that is impossible to refuse right now. 

Of course, with that information going public, Moura could look at the Reds' strategy, and decide that he is going to call their bluff. 

Moura and his people undoubtedly have an idea of what he is worth right now. Two weeks in London, no matter how good or bad, is not going to drastically alter that one way or another. 

Manchester United is willing to open up the pocketbooks to land him, so there is no need to put a deadline on trying to get him to sign. This is a bad strategy that is going to have a poor ending for the Reds. 

You can't force a player to make a decision when he has alternatives out there. Teams have to play by the player's rules. Moura holds all the cards right here, and will do what he wants when he wants.