Sacramento Kings: Summer League Roster, Key Storylines

John McGonigal@@jmcgonigal9Correspondent IIJuly 11, 2012

Sacramento Kings: Summer League Roster, Key Storylines

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    The Sacramento Kings only drafted one player in the 2012 NBA Draft, but boy was it a good one. 

    Selecting power forward Thomas Robinson at the No. 5 spot was a no-brainer as he could have easily been the No. 2 overall pick.

    Now with a perennial big man to be paired with DeMarcus Cousins, the Kings will be heading into Summer League with hope that they'll find a diamond in the rough, and Jimmer Fredette will learn how to play point guard. 

    With that, here's a breakdown of every player on the Kings' summer roster and a list of all the games they're playing. 

Sacramento Kings' Summer League Schedule

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    Friday, July 13 at 7 p.m.: Sacramento Kings vs. Charlotte Bobcats

    Saturday, July 14 at 5 p.m.: Sacramento Kings vs. LA Lakers

    Monday, July 16 at 3:30 p.m.: Sacramento Kings vs. Houston Rockets

    Wednesday, July 18 at 3:30 p.m.: Sacramento Kings vs. Toronto Raptors

    Thursday, July 19 at 3:30 p.m.: Sacramento Kings vs. Boston Celtics

Jimmer Fredette, G, Sacramento Kings

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    Player Profile: 6-2, 195 lbs. 

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (7.6 PPG 1.8 APG 1.2 RPG 36.1% 3-PT)

    Key Storyline

    After being one of the best college players in the country a couple of years ago, Jimmer Fredette didn’t play that spectacular for the Kings in 2011-2012.

    Only averaging 18.6 minutes per game, Fredette didn’t make too much of an impact in Sacramento and will be given the chance in Summer League to run the point.

    Fredette and the Kings will be hoping he can bolster his maneuverability and come back to Sacramento an improved true point guard.

    Prediction: Jimmer will shine and come back to the Kings an improved point guard.  

Josh Akognon, G, Dongguan Leopards (China)

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    Player Profile: 5-11, 185 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (28.2 PPG 34.8% 3-PT 3.0 APG 88.4% FT)

    Key Storyline

    After playing for Kalev in Estonia, Josh Akognon simply tore it up in the China with the Dongguan Leopards.

    Dongguan posted a miserable 13-19 record in 2011, but the addition of Akognon led the squad to a third place finish in the Chinese Basketball Association.

    Due to the NBA lockout, the CBA had an influx of NBA players, which caused an increase in talent around the league.

    However, Akognon still played strong, and proved that he’s ready for the NBA.

    Prediction: He’ll work his way onto the roster, but probably won’t see much play time.

Patrick Christopher, G-F, Cholet (France)

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    Player Profile: 6-5, 215 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (12.8 PPG 24.4 MPG 39.8% 3-PT 85.4% FT)

    Key Storyline

    Although Patrick Christopher does have an impressive outside jumper, but consistent play within the arc hasn’t really been there.

    At 6’5’’, the University of California product lacks the ball-handling skills you want with a guy in that body frame. 

    Prediction: Christopher will be heading back to Cholet to play after this week. 

Kenny Gabriel, F, Auburn

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    Player Profile: 6-8, 209 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (12.2 PPG 7.4 RPG 1.0 APG)

    Key Storyline

    After spending three seasons with Auburn, Gabriel improved his game in the past couple of years and will be looking to do the same with this Summer League invitation.

    The former Tiger is an athletic guy who can move up and down the floor and make some pretty spectacular dunks as well.

    One thing that he also proved at Auburn, and will look to show off, is his shot blocking ability, averaging over two blocks per game for the SEC squad. 

    Prediction: He doesn’t make the Kings roster, but another team will pick him up.

Yancy Gates, F, Cincinnati

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    Player Profile: 6-9, 260 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (12.4 PPG 9.2 RPG 0.9 BPG 47.4% FG)

    Key Storyline

    In his years at Cincinnati, Yancy Gates has shown his ability to dominate a game but also emotionally blow up.

    However, his play throughout the past few years has shown that he’s a consistent presence down low.

    One thing that is holding him back is that he’s relatively undersized to play a big role underneath the basket.

    Prediction: He doesn’t make the team because the Kings aren’t in need of big men. 

Augustus Gilchrist, F, South Florida

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    Player Profile: 6-10, 241 lbs. 

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (9.6 PPG 4.9 RPG 0.5 APG)

    Key Storyline

    Despite being one of the bubble teams in 2011 and great on defense, South Florida was atrocious on offense as they simply could not score.

    One minute bright spot for the Bulls was power forward Augustus Gilchrist.

    Although he was a potent scorer, he knew how to get the job done and will look to bring that attitude to the Kings’ summer team.

    However, you would like to see more rebounding out of a 6’10’’ power forward. 

    Prediction: Gilchrist misses the team and pursues basketball in Europe. 

Darnell Jackson, F, B.C. Donetsk (Ukraine)

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    Player Profile: 6-9, 253 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (7.8 PPG 2.9 RPG 0.7 APG 17.7 MPG)

    Key Storyline

    After once playing for the Kings back in 2010, Darnell Jackson will be looking to make an NBA comeback via the summer league.

    However, the former Kansas Jayhawk wasn’t overly impressive with BC Donetsk in the Ukraine, and he will need to prove he’s worthy of a second look in the coming week. 

    Prediction: He doesn’t make the Kings roster and heads back to Europe.

Dominique Johnson, G, Texas Legends (D-League)

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    Player Profile: 6-3, 195 lbs. 

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (12.9 PPG 4.0 RPG 2.2 APG)

    Key Storyline

    Average-sized guard Dominique Johnson performed well in the D-League last season, and will look to transition his game to the next level.

    Not only was he a valuable and consistent scorer, but Johnson also was able to help out in the rebound department despite his size.

    If he continues to show off his versatility and hustle, he’ll find an NBA career sooner rather than later.

    Prediction: He doesn’t make the Kings roster but earns offers from other teams.

Jarrod Jones, F, Ball State

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    Player Profile: 6-9, 234 lbs. 

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (14.7 PPG 8.7 RPG 37.1% 3-PT)

    Key Storyline

    Consistency is the name of the game for Jarrod Jones as he was a constant presence in the paint for Ball State since he was a freshman.

    After four years as a Cardinal, Jones will try to translate his game into the NBA by showing his grit down low and above-average three-point jumper.

    Prediction: Jones will take his talents overseas following summer league. 

Lazeric Jones, G, UCLA

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    Player Profile: 6-1, 187 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (13.5 PPG 3.5 RPG 4.1 APG 33.5 MPG)

    Key Storyline

    After not playing at all from 2008-2010, Lazeric Jones came out of nowhere as a junior and produced for the Bruins, and grew on that his senior year.

    Jones can not only score but also can facilitate the game well, and find his teammates when they’re open.

    Although he stands at just above 6’0", Jones showed his versatility by also getting involved below the basket at UCLA.

    Prediction: While he won’t make the Kings, he’ll turn out to be a solid player in Europe.

Rob Kurz, F, Nancy (France)

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    Player Profile: 6-9, 232 lbs. 

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (5.9 PPG 2.3 RPG 0.6 APG)

    Key Storyline

    After already going through the D-League and going through the sign-and-waive process, Rob Kurz has made a niche for himself in Europe.

    During his time shuffling from UCAM Murcia in Spain to Nancy in France, Kurz played okay but didn’t wow anybody.

    He is a solid, reliable forward and would be a decent addition for a team needing a big man off the bench.

    Prediction: He doesn’t make the roster and heads back to France. 

Hassan Whiteside, C, Sacramento Kings

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    Player Profile: 7-0, 255 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (1.6 PPG 2.2 RPG 0.8 BPG)

    Key Storyline

    Hassan Whiteside, a second-round pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, has been plagued by injuries, and hasn’t been able to fully gain his footing in the NBA.

    A shot-blocking monster at Marshall, the 7'0" center will be looking to get back on track and make an impact for the Kings.

    While Sacramento is already lined up with Thomas Robinson and DeMarcus Cousins down low, Whiteside can earn a role coming off the bench next year with a solid summer showing.  

    Prediction: He'll perform well and earn a spot on Sacramento's bench. 

Edgar Sosa, G, Sutor Montegranaro (Italy)

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    Player Profile: 6-2, 170 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: Did not play.

    Key Storyline

    Coming out of Louisville, Edgar Sosa had a fantastic and healthy year in Italy and began playing with the Dominican Republic during the summer of 2011.

    However, a graphic and horrific leg injury that he got in a qualifying game against Panama held him from playing this past season.

    As he is almost fully recovered from the injury, it will be interesting to see how his game will change, if at all.

    Prediction: At less than full health, Sosa will need another year in Europe to get back to form. 

James Nunnally, G-F, UCSB

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    Player Profile: 6-7, 205 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (15.7 PPG 6.0 RPG 2.7 APG)

    Key Storyline

    In his time at Santa Barbara, James Nunnally was a force to be reckoned with.

    Not only did he help the Gauchos reach a 20-11 record last year, but he also moved into fourth place in all-time scoring for UCSB.

    After earning all-conference honors three of his four years there, the athletic guard shapes up well to make a run at the NBA or high-end European basketball.

    Prediction: Nunnally won’t make the Kings, but he will make another NBA team.

Adrian Oliver, G, Reno Bighorns (D-League)

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    Player Profile: 6-4, 210 lbs. 

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (6.6 PPG 16.0 MPG 33.3% 3-PT

    Key Storyline

    After going from Washington to San Jose State in 2008, Adrian Oliver instantly made an impact in his time in a Spartans uniform.

    During the 2009-10 season, he was among the top ten scorers in college basketball.

    However, he never really panned out in the NBA, and took his talents to Greece to play for Aris B.C.

    Despite this move, he played in only three games with the team after signing a two-year contract.

    He then moved back to the United States where he played five games for the Reno Bighorns in the D-League.

    Prediction: He won’t make the team and will go back to the D-League.

Michael Lee, F, B.C. Donetsk (Ukraine)

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    Player Profile: 6-9, 215 lbs. 

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (10 PPG 29.6% 3-PT 3.4 RPG)

    Key Storyline

    After playing lights out for Radnicki (Serbia), Ukrainian basketball powerhouse BC Donetsk brought in Michael Lee this past year.

    In 41 games for Donetsk, he helped lead the team to a first-place finish in the National Basketball League with his scoring presence below the basket.

    The lanky forward also boasts a solid three-point shot – something that always intrigues NBA teams.

    Prediction: Lee doesn’t make the team and stays with Donetsk. 

Tony Mitchell, F, Alabama

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    Player Profile: 6-6, 210 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (13.1 PPG 7.0 RPG 1.8 APG 1.4 BPG)

    Key Storyline

    Even though his production dipped a little bit last season compared to 2010-2011, Tony Mitchell still put up quality numbers with the Crimson Tide.

    Mitchell proved to be a consistent scorer. However, there are some downsides to the forward.

    Not only is he undersized at the forward position, but Mitchell also has been the subject of character issues, stemming from a suspension this past season.

    Prediction: Mitchell fails to make the team and spends next year in the D-League.

Thomas Robinson, F, Kansas

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    Player Profile: 6-9, 240 lbs. 

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (17.9 PPG 11.8 RPG 1.9 APG)

    Key Storyline

    All eyes will be on Thomas Robinson in Summer League as he comes to Sacramento surrounded with a lot of buzz and expectations.

    The big man burst onto the scene last year at Kansas, garnering accolades including consensus first-team All-American and 2012 Big 12 Player of the Year.

    With size, strength, and toughness, Robinson has what every coach wants in a big man.

    However, the power forward also possesses accurate passing and determination going to the basket, which makes him all more of a dangerous player.

    With little to be griped about, Robinson will be looking to work on the basics, and fine tune his game.

    Prediction: He’ll be starting at power forward and be in contention for 2013 Rookie of the Year.

Alex Young, G, IUPUI

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    Player Profile: 6-6, 212 lbs.

    2011-12 Per Game Stats: (20.4 PPG 5.9 RPG 1.0 BPG 2.2 APG)

    Key Storyline

    An absolute scoring animal for Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) the past three years, Alex Young is looking to have the same impression on NBA scouts and the Kings coaches this summer.

    Despite occasional bad shot selection, Young has an explosive first step, likes to drive the lane and is capable of finishing above the rim.

    However, he can be reckless when it comes to ball control and doesn’t possess the decision making you’d like to see in a starter.

    Young is a guy to watch as the Kings would love to have an explosive swingman as a role player coming off their bench.

    Prediction: He makes the team and becomes a valuable member on the roster.