Projecting End-of-the-Year Stats for Each of Baltimore Orioles' Regular Starters

Alex SnyderContributor IIJuly 12, 2012

Projecting End-of-the-Year Stats for Each of Baltimore Orioles' Regular Starters

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    Now that we're just past the halfway point of the season, fans have gotten a pretty good taste of what each ballplayer on their respective teams is doing this season. The sample size is easily big enough, so it's simple to tell who is having a good season, and who had been just downright awful.

    Plus, one can try and guess what numbers a player is going to end up with, since all they have to do is double their stats. That doesn't mean that each player will necessarily match or even do better than what one projects, but it serves as an easy mathematical assessment.

    That's what I'm going to try and do here: Guess what the offensive stats of everybody who is a regular starter for the Baltimore Orioles will be come the year's end. And I'm not going to just double everything—no, I'm going to make a real educated guess on each and every starter's numbers.

    I hope all of my predictions make sense to you, and if you have a question or feel that I'm wrong, feel free to leave a comment and we'll discuss it.

Matt Wieters; Catcher

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    In the first month of the season, Matt Wieters looked like he was primed for a huge breakout year offensively.

    Now, not so much, though he isn't hitting poorly. With a line of .247, 12 homers, and 44 RBI, he's on pace for another solid offensive season for the O's, and for any catcher in baseball.

    My prediction for Wieters: .260, 23 bombs, 76 RBI.

Chris Davis; First Base/ DH/ Right Field

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    Overall, Chris Davis has been a pleasant surprise this season for the Orioles.

    Right now, Davis is sitting on a .271 average with 14 homers and 40 RBI.

    Not terrible at all for a guy many people thought would play his way off the team at some point during the first half of the season.

    It wouldn't be a stretch at all to guess that Davis would double those numbers, but realistically, one would be safer making a call such as .275, 26, 78.

    Which is going to be my projection for him.

Robert Andino; Second Base

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    After a very impressive season in 2011 for Robert Andino, he's sort of fallen off a bit in 2012 while receiving playing time pretty much every day.

    As of now, Andino is batting .231 with four home runs and 19 RBI. Not terrible power numbers for him at this point, but the batting average leaves a lot to be desired.

    If he continues to get consistent playing time, six or seven homers certainly isn't out of the question, along with 30-40 RBI.

    Hopefully, he can get his average up. I'm going to guess he'll finish the year with an average around .250 or so.

J.J. Hardy; Shortstop

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    J.J. Hardy has really fallen off since he's been without right fielder Nick Markakis hitting behind him.

    Luckily for him, Markakis was just recently taken off the DL, and will be in the lineup on Friday against the Detroit Tigers in Baltimore.

    Right now, he's batting a putrid .224 with 12 homers and just 33 RBI. However, he did get hot in the second half of last year, so we'll see what happens.

    My two cents is that Hardy will finish somewhere around .256/24/69. He's too good a hitter to have such a down year without an injury.

    Unless of course he is injured, and is hiding it.

Mark Reynolds; First Base/ Third Base/ DH

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    Right now, Mark Reynolds is batting just .207.

    But that's okay, because he's hit a lot of dingers, right?

    Try again. In 193 at-bats thus far, he's managed only seven home runs, with just 23 RBI.

    Luckily for him (and the Orioles), he's still finding his way on base though, with a respectable .335 clip, especially for a guy who is barely batting above the Mendoza Line.

    Still, when all is said and done, I figure Reynolds will have something like 20 bombs, but will probably get to only 50-60 RBI.

    Don't expect his batting average to be too different, either.

Xavier Avery; Left Field

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    With Nolan Reimold (unfortunately) done for the year, and Endy Chavez being both ineffective and injury-prone, rookie Xavier Avery has been getting the call to start in left field (and bat leadoff) many nights, and has done an admirable job.

    Ninety at-bats into his big-league career, Avery has a .233 average, along with a homer and six RBI. He's also got six stolen bases, and his speed is something the Orioles desperately need.

    The youngster brings a certain energy to the O's that the team sorely lacks, and frankly, I hope he sticks around. He'll learn how to hit at this level before too long, and his defense is most certainly needed.

    He could finish with an average around .240, and I wouldn't expect much from his power numbers. Maybe another homer, if he's lucky, along with tallying up a total of 20 RBI.

    But give him consistent playing time, and he could steal the Birds 15-20 bases easily.

Adam Jones; Center Field

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    I'll keep this simple: Adam Jones was really hot earlier in the season. Then he cooled off. That's to be expected with ballplayers. He'll heat back up again before the season is over.

    Here's his line right now: .289 / 20 HR / 44 RBI

    Here's where I expect him to be when the season ends: .295 / 34 HR / 85 RBI.

Nick Markakis; Right Field

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    Nick Markakis looked primed for a bit of a bounce-back power year, with around 20 homers and 70-80 RBI. Those are numbers any O's fan would be happy to see out of Markakis right now.

    That was until he spent his first career stint on the DL, though, and now everyone is just hoping for him to help solidify the defense as well as the middle of the order for this team.

    Right now, Markakis is sitting on a .256 batting average with eight homers and 26 RBI.

    I guarantee his average will be up to at least .280-.290 before season's end, and it wouldn't be too much to think he could reach 15 home runs and 50 RBI.

    However, I'm going to go out on a limb here and call this line from Markakis: .295 / 18 HR / 62 RBI.

Jim Thome; DH

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    Future Hall of Famer Jim Thome has a .241 batting average right now, with five homers and 16 RBI. Only one of those RBI has been as an O so far, and no, it was not a homer.

    Still, it wouldn't be a stretch to say Thome could hit ten more homers before season's end.

    I think his average will stay around the .250 range, but 15 long balls and 45 RBI is definitely within the realm of possibility.

Wilson Betemit; First Base/ Third Base/ DH

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    Wilson Betemit has done his job so far this season: Been a plus bat in the lineup while playing multiple positions in the field.

    A .256 batting average with 10 home runs and 31 RBI isn't bad at all for a player like Betemit.

    However, I wouldn't expect him to double his power totals.

    While maintaining a .250 average, 16-18 homers and 55-60 RBI seems pretty probably for Betemit.

    And hey, that's all he was asked to do.