Dereck Chisora vs. David Haye: Fight Time, Date, Live Stream, TV Info and More

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistJuly 11, 2012

Courtesy of Empire Cinemas
Courtesy of Empire Cinemas

In what will unquestionably be one of the most personal and explosive fights of the year, Dereck Chisora will take on David Haye in London on Saturday. 

Despite not having the long, drawn-out build that a lot of highly-anticipated boxing matches get, Chisora and Haye have managed to turn this into must-see television after their brawl during a press conference following Haye's loss to Vitali Klistchko in February. 

That was back in February, so five months later, the two will finally be able to settle some of their differences in an organized fight. 


Where: Boleyn Ground in London, England

When: Saturday, June 14 at 10:00 p.m. EDT

Watch: Box Nation

Live Stream:


Chisora's Keys to Victory

Attack early. Go for the knockout.

Chisora's biggest problem has been exposed in three of his last four fights: He does not have enough stamina and cardio to hang with great athletes for a 12-round fight. 

Haye is a better athlete than Chisora, so the best chance that Chisora has for a victory in this fight is to come out swinging. There has to be some semblance of control to the attack, because just throwing punches isn't good enough. Chisora must land hard, strong punches to the head and body in order to keep Haye off the attack in order to win this fight. 


Haye's Keys to Victory

Use long limbs to set up offensive attack.

Haye has a very long 78" reach that has benefited him greatly throughout his career. Unless he takes on an opponent who is just physically bigger than him, Haye has had no problems asserting his will. 

Given that Haye has a four-inch reach advantage in this fight, he needs to force Chisora to move in to attack, then Haye can attack because his arms and limbs are very long. 


What They Are Saying

Dereck Chisora has never been the most stable person inside the ring, but he is planning to take things to a whole new level in this fight with Haye. He told the BBC Sport that "I'm going to be the craziest I've been when I come in the ring."

Haye, meanwhile, told BBC that he plans on using Chisora's aggressiveness and arrogance against him in this fight:

"Dereck's getting knocked out quick. The harder he comes, the quicker he gets KOd."


"My training has been good. I'm healthy, fit and fast," Haye said.

"This training camp has been one of the first I've been able to do everything we planned because nothing has broken down."



No matter who wins, I think the fight should be spectacular. Haye is the better fighter at this stage of their careers, so I have to give him the edge. 

Haye wins via eighth-round TKO.