Viral Video of the Day: Pele Plays Pizza Delivery Man

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Pele and pizza. It's such a magical combination that it makes one wonder: Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

Pele—yes, that Pele, the consensus pick for Best Player in the History of the Universe—was spotted delivering pizzas Tuesday night in Brazil. According to 101 Great Goals, the whole idea of using Pele as a pizza delivery man was part of a marketing campaign by Santos, his former club.

The video of Pele's exploits as a pizza delivery man appears above as B/R's Viral Video of the Day.

During the footage, Pele flashes that million-dollar smile that helped make him an international superstar, jokes around with reporters and surprises unsuspecting pizza lovers with a delivery they'll never forget.

Everyone knows him, of course, even if they're understandably dumbfounded at first. After all, he is only the Best Player in the History of the Universe.

Pele, in fact, would probably be recognized if he did this on the streets of New York City.

OK, maybe not.

In any case, the pizza looks good, Pele looks surprisingly spry for a septuagenarian and Santos comes off looking like a fun-loving, hip club. Everybody wins.

Now the obvious question is, what could other legendary footballers do to top this? Maradona just lost his managing gig in the Middle East (ESPN Soccernet), so it's high time he did something randomly zany again.

If not, there are always other legends around.

Watching Franz Beckenbauer delivier Wiener schnitzel in Bavaria might not be pack quite the same punch, but what if Johan Cruyff were to guide random tourists through the…ahem…fun parts of Amsterdam?

I'd say, Sign me up.

(h/t 101 Great Goals)


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