The 10 Best Things About Supporting Liverpool

John McGonigal@@jmcgonigal9Correspondent IIJuly 11, 2012

The 10 Best Things About Supporting Liverpool

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    While winning newcomers like Chelsea are getting a lot of love recently, the historical and old-fashioned clubs are the ones that remain in the spotlight and in people's hearts.

    One of these clubs is Liverpool.

    Formed in 1892, Liverpool has produced a lot of headlines over the years, from winning an absurd amount of titles to "The King" coming back for a second try at manager.

    Any way you look at it, the Reds are one of the most beloved clubs in not just England, but all of world football.

    With this being said, let's take a look at the ten best things about being a Liverpool supporter.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone”

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    One thing that bonds Liverpool supporters beyond anything else is the famous song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

    The song, originally from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel and later recorded by musicians Gerry & The Pacemakers, became the club’s anthem in the early 1960s, connecting millions of fans across the world.

    Not only has the melody connected worldwide supporters, but especially those who stand at Anfield and cheer on the Reds.

    Watching and hearing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” being belt out at Anfield is a chilling experience, and the cohesiveness it causes helps make the aura of Liverpool what it is today. 


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    One of the best parts about being a Liverpool supporter is that you get to watch home games in the historic stadium, Anfield.

    One of the oldest stadiums in world soccer, Anfield originally opened in 1884, but Liverpool didn’t begin playing there until 1892.

    While it has seen controversial times, it was also the home to Reds legends such as Kenny Dalglish, Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley.

    Anfield has always provided an electric atmosphere for Liverpool supporters and it’s always something they’ll be able to hold onto.

History of Success

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    Despite recent failures, Liverpool has some of the richest history in world soccer.

    Liverpool has won 18 League titles (second most in English football), seven FA Cups and a record eight League Cups.

    Also, the Reds have won more European titles than any other English club, with five European Cups, three UEFA Cups and three UEFA Super Cups.

    With this tradition of winning, Liverpool fans have a plethora of titles they can hang over opposing supporters heads.

    It’s always special to support a club or team that comes from a storied past, and Liverpool supporters certainly feel that.

Commitment to Winning

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    Because of that history of success, Liverpool, their management and especially their supporters have become accustomed to the ways of winning.

    Although they had a terrible Premier League showing last year, this team and its fans still expect excellence on the pitch and that’s what has their club standing out.

    Fans of Liverpool always knows that the team’s higher ups are always looking for ways to improve their team, regardless of the situation.

    For example, while Kenny Dalglish is a legend at Anfield, he didn’t fit the bill as a manager and he was sacked because it was best for the team.

    While Liverpool may not win the EPL next season, their supporters know and appreciate the fact that the Reds are always trying to get better.

Every Year Is a New Year

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    Being frank, Liverpool has not looked like the original, history-laden Liverpool in the past few years.

    After finishing eighth in the EPL and missing the Champions League last year, the Reds had a disappointing 2011 campaign to say the least.

    However, one great thing about being a Liverpool supporter is that everything could change in one year.

    Liverpool is by no means a weak financial club and with new manager Brendan Rodgers in place, Liverpool could make some noise in the transfer window and come back in 2012 and compete for the EPL.

    With Liverpool, you never know what they could do before the season starts, and that’s just another reason why Liverpool supporters love their club.

Everton Rivalry

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    When you’re one of the longest standing powerhouses of European club football, you’re going to have heated rivalries form.

    This is certainly the case with Liverpool as blood boils over matches between crosstown club Everton.

    Having been played since 1894, the Merseyside derby between the two Liverpool clubs have always been heated affairs.

    Since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, the Merseyside derby between the Reds and the Toffees has had more players sent off than any other Premier League fixture—something that certainly brings entertainment to the supporters.

Manchester United Rivalry

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    Another major rivalry that excites fans and brings fans out to Anfield is the Liverpool vs. Manchester United matchups.

    The rivalry with Manchester United became more intense when the Reds started piling on European Cup victories in the 1970s and 1980s.

    In fact, the two clubs clash so much that the last player to be transferred between the two clubs was the move of Phil Chisnall from Liverpool in 1964.

    Supporters love intense rivalries and that’s just another thing that Liverpool brings to the table for their fans. 

The Red Kit

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    The New York Yankees have the pinstripes, the Oakland Raiders rock their black and silver, and, of course, Liverpool don their famous red kit.

    For much of Liverpool’s history its home colors have been all red dating back to 1894.

    However, they used to wear white shorts until 1964 when legendary manager Bill Shankly decided to change to an all red strip.

    Former footballer Ian St. John recalled when Liverpool went out in the all red kit in his autobiography:

    He [Shankly] thought the colour scheme would carry psychological impact—red for danger, red for power. He came into the dressing room one day and threw a pair of red shorts to Ronnie Yeats. "Get into those shorts and let’s see how you look", he said. "Christ, Ronnie, you look awesome, terrifying. You look 7ft tall." "Why not go the whole hog, boss?" I suggested. "Why not wear red socks? Let’s go out all in red." Shankly approved and an iconic kit was born.

    For years now, Liverpool have been well known for their all red uniforms and that consistency has brought fans together in a fiery unison at Anfield for some time now. 

Brendan Rodgers

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    While he is no doubt a legend forever among Liverpool supporters, Kenny Dalglish simply didn’t get it done as a manager for the Reds, prompting his dismissal.

    Instead of going with an experience-laden, old school man for the new job, Liverpool brought in 39-year-old Northern Irishman Brendan Rodgers to take the reigns.

    While he hasn’t proved anything in terms of success on the pitch, Rodgers has made the right impression thus far and has fostered Liverpool’s historical values.

    Ever since he’s been brought in, Rodgers has been firm about returning to the “Liverpool way”—staying a tight club that focuses on the goal of getting down to business on the pitch.

    As long as his attitude and aggressiveness in transfer window pays off on the pitch, Rodgers will be a manager Liverpool supporters will love and be proud of. 

Steven Gerrard

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    Widely recognized as one of the best English footballers of all time, Steven Gerrard makes it easy for people to be die hard Liverpool supporters.

    A fan favorite, Gerrard came in second only to Kenny “The King” Dalglish in the “100 Players Who Shook the Kop”—a Liverpool fan poll.

    Not only has Gerrard made an impression on Reds fans, but also world soccer.

    While the voting may have been a little biased, The Guardian released a World XI, highlighting the best players of all-time.

    Of course, Gerrard made the lineup along with fellow greats such as Pele, Maradona and Franz Beckenbauer.

    Considering his mass appeal and wonderful footballing skills, one of the best things about being a Liverpool supporter is clearly having a guy like Steven Gerrard on your club.