New York Yankees Want to Move Joba Chamberlain

John LewisSenior Writer IMarch 10, 2008

joba.jpgAs the new look Yankees prepare for the 2008 baseball season, one player worth keeping an eye on is Joba Chamberlain.

The Yanks will keep Chamberlain on a short leash, to start the season, by having him in the bullpen to setup Mariano Rivera. They want to work him in slowly and then somehow, when the time is right, get him into the rotation.

Sound familiar? Well the Boston Red Sox have been threatening for years to get Jonathan Papelbon into the starting rotation for two seasons, but he somehow he gets shuffled back into the bullpen as the closer.

Knowing the Papelbon story, that doesn’t make me very optimistic that Chamberlain will find his way into the starting five. In fact his pitching may be so good it will be hard to move him out of the setup role, a key position on any team.

However, Joba is young and all he has is time at this point.


We move from the young to the old and Randy Johnson made his spring debut Monday, and maybe he should’ve taken a few more days to work out the rust. The big lefty pitched 1 1/3 innings giving up four hits and three runs.

Known for his over powering fast ball for years, Johnson only stuck out one batter on the day…but this is spring training, time for players to work on their game before the season starts.


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