David Haye vs. Dereck Chisora: Heavyweight Fight Preview and Prediction

Ralph LongoAnalyst IIIJuly 11, 2012

This Saturday night, live from the UK, we have a big heavyweight matchup pitting David Haye 25-2 (23 KOs) against Dereck Chisora, 15-3 (9 KOs). This bout comes with a lot of controversy, after the two British heavyweights were denied British licenses due to their brawl in February in Munich, only to later be licensed by the Luxembourg Boxing Federation.

Regardless of the controversy, it's a terrific matchup and will be an excellent fight for as long as it lasts. Personally, I don't have any problem with the bout going forward, since it's high in public demand and it's going to make everyone involved a ton of money. 

To support this claim, I recently discussed the fight with undefeated British amateur Simon Sahota. He told me that this fight is getting tons of coverage and that it's "everywhere."

That should give American fans an idea of how big this fight is, especially since it's getting far more coverage than Amir Khan's fight against Danny Garcia, which airs a few hours later on Saturday night. It's one of the more hyped-up all-British showdowns in quite some time.   

So, what does David Haye bring to this fight? Haye is a lightning-quick boxer with a lot of power in both fists, which is shown by his stellar knockout percentage. Haye can knock you out with one punch at any time, which makes him extremely dangerous to square off against.

Haye's also a smaller heavyweight, which is both an advantage for him and a hindrance. It's an advantage because he's faster and more athletic than any other heavyweight that he'll face.

However, he's a lot lighter than most heavyweights, and he'll probably be outweighed by at least 35 pounds by Chisora.

In terms of speed, quickness, punching power, conditioning and athleticism, Haye has clear advantages. He's very naturally gifted in these areas, as he's shown throughout his career. He took a lot of heat for the remarks he made about having a broken toe in the Klitschko fight last July, so he'll be looking to redeem himself against Chisora. 

Add to the fact that he legitimately hates everything about Chisora, and you have a highly motivated David Haye (via BoxingScene). 

In Dereck Chisora, what you see is what you get. He looks like a plodding, come-forward, brawling-type fighter, and that's exactly what he is. Chisora likes to put pressure on his opponents and wear them down round by round.

If Chisora is in shape, he's a very effective fighter, because it allows him to apply the consistent pressure on his opponents that he needs in order to win. 

If he is out of shape, he's too slow and will be open to be countered all night long by David Haye. 

Chisora's best chance in the fight is to keep Haye on his back foot and force him to fight with his back against the ropes. If Chisora is forced backward or is forced to try to outbox Haye in the center of the ring, he has absolutely no chance. Haye's just too quick and too fast. 

Some may point to the fact that Chisora went 12 rounds with Vitali Klitschko and did very well, so naturally he'll do well against Haye, but I see this as a totally different type of fight, stylistically at least.

At the end of the day, Haye will simply be too fast, too quick, too powerful and too smart for Chisora.

Chisora will walk into a trademark David Haye "Hayemaker" and likely get himself stopped, somewhere around the eighth round (but don't be shocked if it happens earlier).

I would be very surprised if Chisora pulls the upset in this fight. I'm in the minority, but I see this as a very easy fight for Haye.

Chisora's style is tailor-made for him, and he'll play right into Haye's hands with his come-forward style. Due to his temperament, he will likely be too aggressive and get caught with a huge punch. 

Regardless of what happens, though, it's going to be a wildly entertaining fight. When you have two heavyweights who like to mix it up and have an intense dislike for one another, it's a can't-miss fight. So, don't miss it. 

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