Hasheem Thabeet, More Like Hasheem Tha-ReasonWeGot-Beet

Bare KnucksAnalyst IFebruary 17, 2009

Hasheem Thabeet…more like; Hasheem Tha-ReasonWeGot-Beet. Sure the big man can put up 25, 20 and nine against Seton Hall, but it was a different story when Pittsburgh came to town. Thabeet got MANHANDLED by a 6 foot 7 DeJuan Blair. He went 1-5 from the field and only managed to snatch four rebounds, while Blair dropped 22 and grabbed 23 boards.

Wait a minute, isn’t he 8 inches taller than Blair? Am I mistaken? Is Thabeet not a legitimate 7 foot 3? GET YOUR WEIGHT UP! GET BIG! God damn boy! [Read more...]