Power Ranking the MLB Teams Going into the Second Half Using Summer Blockbusters

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Power Ranking the MLB Teams Going into the Second Half Using Summer Blockbusters
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The 2012 All-Star Game is behind us which means it's time to start looking forward to the second half of the MLB regular season.  That also means the second half of the summer movie season is approaching which means it's time for my annual power rankings using the summer blockbusters.

Here's a rehash of the criteria I use to rank the teams and films:

Only movies released up to this point are included.  So that means no The Dark Knight Rises, as much as I want to throw that at the top.

My opinions of the film count towards where I rank it.  For example, if I liked Battleship a whole lot more than say, Moonrise Kingdom, then Battleship gonna get a bump in the standings, but we both know that won't happen.

Other people's opinions of the movie count as well.  I'll be factoring in what critics thought of it as well as what the general public had to say in terms of box office performance.  As for the critics, I'll be using Rotten Tomatoes as the basis of their opinions.

Ultimately, I give the edge to box office performance since I'm of the mind films are made to entertain the masses.  Unless a film is deemed flawless by myself and critics, ticket sales are going to be huge in determining the rankings.

For the teams, I take into consideration how they did in the first half and how well I think they're gonna do in the second half.

Lastly, not every summer movie is gonna be here, just the ones that count.  So those of you looking for the Katy Perry movie, sorry to disappoint.

All right, any questions on the rankings can be asked in the comments section below.  We're going in descending order starting at 30, so let's get to ranking.

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