Ortiz Rides the Fence On Steroids Issue

BHLCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

While most major media outlets are highlighting a portion of David Ortiz's comments this weekend in which Ortiz lashed out against steroid use, they are omitting one major flaw in his comments. 

While Ortiz called for strong testing procedures from this day forward, he also issued a free pass to those who have used in the past. From the Feb. 17 Boston Globe:

"There's a lot of players that have been in federal court being judged like they just killed somebody or they robbed somebody," Ortiz said. "I don't think all that is supposed to be happening.

"If you admitted that you used the stuff, boom, don't use it anymore. You know it's not good for you. You know it's not good for the game, and let's move on.

"But all that, all the drama, bringing guys to court and acting like those [are] serious criminals, it doesn't look good for the game."


How soon we forget that the very same David Ortiz told a Boston Herald reporter in 2007 that he was unsure if he "drank something in [his] youth, not knowing it."

If we read between the lines on this one, it's pretty clear that Ortiz is setting himself up for a win/win situation. Ortiz reaps the benefits of strongly taking a stand against steroid use, and he protects his past by declaring that any instance of injection prior to 2009 be glazed over. 

When we consider his comments in their entirety, I am left to conclude that we learned nothing in either direction (injection or no injection) by Ortiz's comments.