College Football: 10 Possible Names for the Playoff System

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2012

College Football: 10 Possible Names for the Playoff System

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    With the college football playoff system heading our way in the near future, it's time to start thinking about names.

    It still may be over a year away, but the rite of naming a newborn entity can never begin too early, just ask my wife.

    The 10 suggestions on this list are an attempt at coming up with a name for the playoff system, with some humor interspersed.

    Feel free to leave suggestions.

10. Babysteps

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    The four-team playoff format may not be your ultimate ideal of college football postseason perfection, but it's certainly a small step in the correct direction.

    With all the bowl games scattered across the country throughout December and January, it shouldn't be that difficult to figure out a way to incorporate an eight- or 16-team playoff.

    For now, you simmer quietly in the stew of your postseason discontent.

9. Fearsome Foursome

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    "Final Four" is taken.

    So is "The Playoffs."

    It may not be the greatest name, but it has a solid ring to it, and stays with the NCAA's theme of four-team tournaments starting with "F."

8. The "Random Committee Members Say So" Bowl Series

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    We wanted to eliminate the computers from the equation, and possibly even the Coaches' Poll with its ridiculous voting.

    Solution: Let's put the decision about who the four best teams are into the hands of some random football people.

    Let's just hope Jim Delany doesn't have much of a say, or the forward pass might be banned.

7. War of the Roses

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    It's a little weak, but in an effort to keep the "Grandaddy of Them All" happy, we could throw a little homage toward Pasadena.

    This is, of course, contingent on the Rose Bowl winning the bid for the title game at some point, and it doesn't have to be an every-year thing.

6. The "SEC Championship Invitational"

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    As much as it pains me to say it, the SEC is dominant.

    Now, that won't last forever, as these things are cyclical, but for the time being, there is no questioning the conference's superiority.

    Now, SEC supporters seem to be of the impression that this will be an all-SEC party, filled with Razorbacks, Gamecocks and Crimson Tide.

    This is a nod to your grand delusions.

5. The "Our Four Best Guesses" Series

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    For those of you that feel this system will be an absolute improvement over the BCS, you need to think a little bit.

    Boise State will still be out in the cold, the ACC and Big East will be the worst of the "power conferences" and Nick Saban will keep showing up in championship games.

    Instead of arguing about who deserves a BCS berth, our time late in the season will be spent debating the four best teams.

    Picture this: Alabama finishes undefeated, USC, LSU, Arkansas, Michigan, West Virginia, Boise State and Oklahoma all finish with one loss.

    Who goes to the playoff?

4. College Football Championship

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    No, I'm not kidding.

    Apparently Bill Hancock, BCS director, thinks this is a great suggestion (per

    Then again, he's not exactly known for his bright ideas...

3. Heroes and Hotshots Games

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    If the Big Ten is involved in naming in any way, we can expect something like this.

    According to Brian Bennett of, the conference did not exactly win a ton of fans with Jim Delany's questionable opinions about the Rose Bowl and the plus-one system.

    In any case, if this is anything like the Big Ten, we won't be able to remember who goes in what bracket anyway.

2. Three Men and a Baby

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    Big Ten apologists, avert your eyes.

    This is yet another tribute to the Evil Empire's (SEC) dominance.

    In a scenario where Alabama, Georgia and LSU deserve bids to the playoff, any team outside of the SEC fits into the category of "baby."

    No intent to hurt inferior conference feelings here, just straight talk.

1. The Vizio National Title Game Presented by Dr. Pepper, Capital One and IHOP

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    In case you haven't figured it out yet, this whole college football thing revolves around the $$.

    In this day of the Discover Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl presented by Vizio and the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, it's only a matter of time before somebody buys advertising rights to the playoff system.

    Meanwhile, we pine for the days when the Allstate Sugar Bowl was just the Sugar Bowl.