Team USA Basketball 2012: Stacked Roster Won't Miss Injured Stars

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 10, 2012

Please don't panic about Team USA being without Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh. All three of those players are amazing, but if the United States can't bring home gold with LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, then there is a serious problem.

This is not a repeat of the 2004 team that embarrassingly finished with a bronze medal. That team was hit with nine players withdrawing due to injury and other priorities.

Four stars is significant, but this team has the horses to pick up the slack.

If you're concerned about guard play, I can understand that, but in case you missed the NBA Finals, that Russell Westbrook is damn good.

Team USA also has Chris Paul and Deron Williams. What country will have better point guards than that?

At times, American big men have struggled to make the transition to the international rules. This has especially been the case for the bigger, stronger guys who play a power game.

In that sense, it could be a good thing Howard isn't playing. Tyson Chandler, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin and even Kevin Durant should be fine in the paint.

Durant is purely a small forward, but in international rules, there are some teams he could play power forward, and even center against.

To top it all off, LeBron and Kobe's presence takes things to a new level. I'm convinced James could play four and maybe even five positions for Team USA in the Olympics. He won't need to, but physically he could.

Here is the full roster the United States is sending to London: 

Kobe Bryant, Lakers
James Harden, Thunder
Chris Paul, Clippers
Russell Westbrook, Thunder
Deron Williams, Nets
Carmelo Anthony, Knicks
Kevin Durant, Thunder
Blake Griffin, Clippers
Andre Iguodala, 76ers
LeBron James, Heat
Kevin Love, Timberwolves
Tyson Chandler, Knicks

This is a non-issue. Barring some rash of injuries, or drastic over-confident behavior from Team USA, they will capture another gold medal. It won't be like 1992 in Barcelona, but it'll be a far cry from the debacle in 2004.


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