Athletes I Love to Hate and Hate to Love

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Athletes I Love to Hate and Hate to Love
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Unless you're blinded by hometown loyalty, I'm sure there are athletes on opposing teams that have a special place in your hearts. Whether it's how they play the game or some other factor that draws you to them, we all have players who we enjoy watching.

For me, it's players like Ryan Miller, Tim Tebow, Zach Randolph and Andrew McCutchen who I'm a big fan of, even though they don't play for my favorite team.

But, I like to root for these guys. There are other players players on teams that I despise who I like seeing succeed. These are the guys that I hate to love.

Then, there are the the athletes that just rub us the wrong way. The ones who we root for to fail. The ones who we buy tickets to watch play, just to heckle them.

For me, these players mostly play for teams that I dislike. These are the athletes that I love to hate.

As you read this, you'll quickly notice that this is coming from a Philadelphia sports fan. Fans of other teams will obviously have a much different list.  

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