NCAA Football 13: Complete Analysis for Team and Heisman Player Ratings

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NCAA Football 13: Complete Analysis for Team and Heisman Player Ratings

Jay-Z once said: "men and women lie, numbers don't." That statement is never more true than in player ratings on video games, and NCAA Football 13 is no exception.

Obviously, Mr. Carter was referring to monetary numbers, but the reference still fits all the same.

The ratings for the teams in NCAA 13 may draw some "oohs" and ahhs. Possibly even some of these: "What? I can't believe he's only rated a" fill-in the blank.

Either way, these numbers dictate how good the players you control, and compete against will be. This year, EA Sports got all nostalgic on us.

They implemented a new mode of play called Heisman Challenge. It's basically a spin-off of the popular Road to Glory mode.

RTG is great, and it returns this year. But let's say you don't want to exclusively control some snot-nosed cyber high school player through his senior year at Whatever High.

You now get to take control of 10 (three more through pre-orders and DLC) of the greatest Heisman trophy winners in history. You can put them on any team and have them compete against today's teams.

It's a pretty sweet concept.

So what about the ratings? Well the legends have to be rated too right? Of course they do.

EA keeps the ratings for each Heisman player a bit secret. All of them are 99-overall, but the specifics aren't available.

This slideshow will show each of the Heisman-winners, as well as the Top 25 teams in the country.

It's all in the numbers. Click through the slideshow to see the bottom line. 

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