San Antonio Spurs Send Message by Sticking to Fundamentals

Brian RubinContributor IIJuly 10, 2012

25 Jun 1997:  Center Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs shakes hands with NBA Commissioner David Stern during the NBA Draft at the Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mandatory Credit: Craig Jones  /Allsport
Craig Jones/Getty Images

While you won't see this breaking news being replayed on ESPN every 30 minutes, the free agent this year who is arguably thought to be the best power forward to ever play the game has reached an agreement with a team.

According to Johnny Ludden of Yahoo Sports, Tim Duncan, a.k.a. the Big Fundamental, will be keeping his talents in San Antonio with the Spurs.  The deal made today is for three more years.

The price tag has yet to be released, but according to The San Antonio Express-News, it is thought to be around $12 million per season.

Three more years! 


Well, you shouldn't be.  Quite frankly, when has Tim Duncan actually shocked anyone? He has had big expectations from NBA fans ever since being drafted No. 1 by the Spurs in 1997.  

Since then, the Spurs have been a title contender each year, not drafting earlier than No. 20 (James Anderson in 2010) in any draft since Duncan.

Duncan fans knew this was not his last year after he said "that he was a "Spur for life" after the playoffs this year.

But three more years is a tall task to ask for someone who is 36 years old and has been through 15 years of NBA experience, 1,111 total games!

He currently leads all active NBA players in total blocks, is second in total rebounds and sixth in total points.

While Timmy is not in the peak of his long and decorated career, bottom line is that he is still producing. 

But also equally important to Duncan's motivation to continue to invest in his team is the team's motivation to continue to invest in Duncan.  

If there is any place where Duncan could keep playing, it would be in San Antonio.  

Year in and year out San Antonio is a title-contending team with a coach who understands how to manage his stars' minutes and a group of players with experience and chemistry that is at a level unmatched throughout the league.

With the confirmation of another three years of Duncan, a new contract with Boris Diaw and a new contract with the young and improving guard in Danny Green, the Spurs have sent a message that they do not plan to change much.

Although the Spurs lost last year in the Western Conference finals after being up 2-0 to the Thunder, there is not much they need to adjust after having the NBA's best record last year.    

Now that the Spurs have taken care of their own players, they still have time to look at the current market for any improvements and additions to make.  It would be nice to see some aggressive moves at the power forward/center position if the option is there. 

At the current chaotic state of NBA free agency, where superstars are leaving teams that drafted them; where several "big three" groups of players are being broken up by high demanding salaries; where veterans are abandoning there teams to others who are "title contenders," it might be shocking to some that Duncan remains with the Spurs.

But the real feeling you should have is one of admiration.  

It is not often that a player of Duncan's caliber continues to have success with the same team for such a long time.  

Perhaps Duncan's decision is that of admiration as well, admiration of a great player before him, The Admiral himself, David Robinson.