The Greatest WWE Finishers

Paul Contributor IFebruary 17, 2009

Here are some of the greatest finishing moves in by book, that are really good, do not get mad if I offended you by writing a "bad guy's" finisher. Please grow up, theyre charectar is different from outside of the ring.

10. F5 - Brock Lesnar

9. Stone Cold Stunner - Stone Cold Steve Austin

8. Rock Bottom - The Rock

7. Batista Bomb - Batista

6. Sweet Chin Music - Shawn Michaels

5. Tombstone Piledriver - The Undertaker

4. Swantan Bomb - Jeff Hardy

3. Tie - Punt - Randy Orton, Code Breaker - Chris Jericho

2. Spear - Edge

And finally, #1, the greatest finisher of all time. Everybody knows it............