New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski Wins Celebrity Home Run Derby

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 10, 2012

Photo Credit: Art.Voice
Photo Credit: Art.Voice

There isn't much to do in Buffalo and Rob Gronkowski is still winning. 

Those are the two blaring and obvious facts hitting me in the face when looking at the newest exploits of the football bro. 

The man needs his own reality-TV show. 

NBC Sports reports Rob Gronkowski won the saddest celebrity home run derby in the history of such things. 

They point to a report on a celebrity home run derby won by Gronk, and featured such world beaters as, "Buffalo Sabres forward Patrick Kaleta, Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly and actor Nick Bakay."

I will wait for you to pick yourself up from the floor after that list of tremendous celebrities. Those who don't recognize Nick Bakay, there is a reason. The man is a prolific voice actor. 

As for America's favorite bro, Gronkowski hit 12 home runs over two rounds, besting Bills CEO Russ Brandon, a former minor league ball player. 

Here is the video of Gronk mashing balls over the fence. Be warned, the quality is the equivalent of a rest-stop restroom and there is loud shouting in the beginning, so you may want to turn the volume down. 

The other startling aspect of the video is how filled Coca-Cola Field was for this event. Buffalo News reports over 17,000 people showed up on the same night the MLB Home Run Derby was taking place to see the Triple-A Derby. 

After that derby, the celebrities took the field. 

The crowd seems generally enthralled to see the tight end smash bombs over the porch, making me consider the Buffalo edition needed a national broadcast. 

After watching the slow, plodding MLB coverage Monday night, the mindless banter from Chris Berman and the boredom that comes with Robinson Cano not hitting home runs, I need to see what causes this much excitement in Buffalo. 

After delving into this story, I guess I'll have what they're having. 

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