Los Angeles Lakers: Steve Nash's Blue Print

Jess Matthew Beltran@sportsalchemistCorrespondent IIJuly 10, 2012

PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 25:  Steve Nash #13 of the Phoenix Suns stands attended for the National Anthem before the NBA game against the San Antonio Spurs at US Airways Center on April 25, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The Spurs defeated the Suns 110-106.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As the Maple tree’s leaf slowly detaches from its sturdy stem, it moves down in a circular motion; its distinctive shape pirouettes from the tree until it gently comes down, together with all the other leaves around. This has been every leaf’s destination – to be part of the earth…back to where it all started…and back to where all dreams have been slowly formed. 

Steve Nash started playing basketball when he was already 12 years old. Back then he played soccer and ice hockey.

Nash's success came from seeing those angles that players usually don’t see. Soccer helped his footwork, and hockey inspired creativity on how to score a goal.

When he played basketball, it opened up his mind, and the court became his canvass as he started to make his own masterpiece. Every basketball player dreams of going to the NBA, but long before Steve palmed a basketball already, he already knew what he wanted…he wanted to be in the NBA, and he wanted to be a star.

38 years old, and with Steve’s career nearing its twilight, winning a championship seems to be the only driving force that pushes him beyond his age. The Phoenix Suns have been his home for the most part during his career; however, when the Suns acquired Goran Dragic and drafted North Carolina’s Kendall Marshall, it was pretty clear the organization was heading in a different direction.

Rebuilding wasn’t on Nash’s agenda, and the only reasonable destination was the Los Angeles Lakers. Los Angeles is near to his family, and most of all it is a step closer to a championship.

Nash wanted to be in an organization that wants to win championships now and rebuild later. Kobe shares the same vision, and Nash, who became so familiar with picking the Lakers’ defense apart, will be throwing passes and lobbing alley oops with the same big men whom he punished for not extending their defense many battles ago.

The Lakers are his team now…representing the rich tradition of great point guards in Magic Johnson and Jerry West. And Nash could be the next best thing that Kobe could ever have as a point guard. (Funny, how they released a 37-year-old Derek Fisher and signed Steve Nash at 38, but Steve was a basketball anomaly.)

Steve will be painting his masterpiece again in purple and gold. Kobe will have many open looks; Bynum and Gasol will be rushing to a pick-and-roll.

Just like the Maple leafs that fall into the ground…it reminds us of one thing…no matter how we turn or make a curve, basketball is still about winning. 

Steve Nash is just following the blue print.