Liverpool FC: Top 10 Fan Chants for the New Season

Tyler HixsonContributor IIIJuly 10, 2012

Liverpool FC: Top 10 Fan Chants for the New Season

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    One of the best parts about being a Liverpool fan is listening to the Kop resonate all over Merseyside on game day. If you're lucky enough, standing inside Anfield chanting and singing, it can be quite the experience.

    For the rest of us, we have to be content with chanting, singing and screaming at our televisions or computer screens.

    Brendan Rodgers has stated that he wants to make Anfield a fortress again (via the Daily Star), and the Anfield faithful will be more than happy to do their part in creating an unbearable environment for opponents next season.

    Here are the top 10 Liverpool fan chants for all those lucky enough to stand in the Anfield stands next season.

10. Liverpool, Liverpool!

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    The old standby.

    If nothing is really going on on the pitch, but especially if Liverpool is either behind or have just scored, just start chanting "Liiiiiiiiverpooooool, Liiiiiiverpoooool!" 

    Actually, just do that when you aren't singing anything else. 

9. Liverpool FC

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    This is a great little song to sing walking out of Anfield after a victory. 

    Make sure to sing in front of opposing fans just so they know what's up.

    "And it's Liverpool
    Liverpool FC
    We're by far the greatest team
    The world has ever seen."

8. Oh Come All Ye Faithful

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    Now that Liverpool is back in Europe, this song has a little bit more sense about it.

    Obviously sung to the tune of "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" this would be a good one to sing when Liverpool starts playing Europa League ties at Anfield. 

    "Oh come all ye faithful, 
    Joyful and triumphant, 
    Oh come ye oh come ye, 
    To A-anfield. 
    Come and behold them, 
    They're the kings of Europe, 
    Oh come let us adore them" etc, etc.

7. Poor Scouser Tommy

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    This song is one of my personal favorites, as it tells the story of a young boy named Tommy sent away to fight for his country in WWII.

    He gets shot, and as he lays dying, his last words are how much he loves Liverpool FC.

    It really shows how much the club means to its supporters.

    "Can I tell you the story of a poor boy                                                         Who was sent far away from his home                                                         To fight for his king and his country                                                             And also the old folks back home

    Now they put him in a highland division                                                       Sent him off to a far foreign land                                                                 Where the flies flew around in the thousands                                               And there was nothing to see but the sand

    Now the battle it started the next morning                                                   Underneath the old lybian sun                                                                     I remember the poor Scouser Tommy                                                         Who was shot by an old Nazi gun

    As he lay on the battlefield dying (dying, dying)                                           With the blood gushing out of his head (of his head)                                     As he lay on the battlefield dying (dying, dying)                                           These were the last words he said

    OOOH I am a Liverpudlian                                                                         And I come from the Spion Kop                                                                 I love to sing, I love to shout                                                                       I get kicked out quite a lot!                                                                       We support a team that's dressed in red                                                     It's a team that you all know                                                                       It's a team that we call Liverpool, and to glory we will go!                               We won the league, we won the Cup, we've been to Europe, too.                   We played the Toffees for a laugh and left them feeling blue!

    It requires a little bit more memorization that the others, but still a great song.

6. When the Reds Go Marching in

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    This one's easy—just sing "When the Saints Come Marching In" and replace the word "Saints" with "Reds." 

    There you go! Now you're singing with the best of them.

5. Who the F%&* Are Man United?/F&*# off Chelsea FC

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    These are obviously for when Liverpool plays the respective teams, but they both are great chants to sing to yourself while you prepare dinner, go grocery shopping—any time of the day really.

    "Who the F**k Are Man United" is sung to the tune of "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" while I'm not sure what tune "F**k off Chelsea FC" is sung to. 

4. Luis Suarez—Just Can't Get Enough

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    This one was written pretty quickly after Suarez joined the club in January of 2011. 

    Sung to the tune of "Just Can't Get Enough," let this one loose every time the diminutive Uruguayan scores.

    "His name is Suarez and he wears the famous red,
    I just cant get enough, I just cant get enough,
    When he scores a volley or when he scores a head,
    I just cant get enough, I just cant get enough.

    He scores a goal and the Kop go wild,
    And I just cant seem to,

    Get enough,

3. Steve Gerrard

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    This one is sung at most games, and it immortalizes Liverpool's talismanic captain Steven Gerrard.

    "Steve Gerrard, Gerrard, 
    He'll pass the ball 40 yards, 
    He's big and he's f***ing hard, 
    Steve Gerrard, Gerrard"

    Another one of my personal favorites.

2. Fields of Anfield Road

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    This is one of the classic songs that ring around the Anfield stands game in and game out. 

    Fans mostly sing just the chorus now, but it still is one of the classic songs of the Anfield faithful.

    "All round the fields of Anfield Road, 

    Where once we watched the king Kenny play, 

    Stevie Heighway was on the wing, 
    We had dreams and songs to sing, 
    Of the glory round the fields of Anfield Road."

    Rousing good song.

1. You'll Never Walk Alone

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    Hands down the most recognizable football song in the world, "You'll Never Walk Alone" has captured the imaginations of millions of Liverpool fans and bound them all together. 

    YNWA is now how Liverpool fans meet, greet and leave one another.

    It is the single greatest bond that all Liverpool fans share. 

    I know that whenever I hear "Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, And you'll never walk alone, You'll never walk alone" I feel proud to support the greatest team on the planet. 

    There are dozens of Liverpool chants and songs, though. If you feel like I've made an error in not including one on the list, or if I didn't put your personal favorite on, let me know in the comments section below!