Another Offseason Filled with Uncertainty for the Oakland Raiders

wade jonesContributor IFebruary 16, 2009

Get ready folks for another free agent full of the same hype; If he can rebound from surgery or a lack luster career he can help us! "With the seventh pick in this years draft, the Oakland Raiders select..." and then we get excited because we listened to the hype and selected who all the television experts said we should pick!

I think the Raiders scout talent by watching tv and not studying players. We are always trying to land the home run hitter instead of the hard working with the better average.

I bleed the silver and black, and I get excited every year thinking this year and this guy is gonna be different. I though all we needed was this or that to turn the corner but it to the point now that I am affraid to dream.

I don't believe in miracles and saivors. Its time to be real, we have had great talent on the field every year but we have looked worse and worse. We have had the benifiet of high draft picks for several years and have gotten worse! There is something going on in the front office thats killing the team. Maybe there trying to lose on purpose like the movie Major League!

What the hell am I doing writting an article? Hell if I know! I thought I was just signing up to comment!