Triple H Could Not Save Them: Randy Orton Punts Shane Then RKO's Stephanie!

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIFebruary 16, 2009

Randy Orton has yet again managed to do the impossible. Although usually his exploits that warrant that claim come from amazing feats performed in the ring, this past Monday Night on Raw he took things to an entirely different level.

If you thought Orton punting Vince McMahon in the skull was brutal, his actions this Monday Night have surpassed even that.

After losing to Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred match, Shane McMahon made the idiotic decision to challenge Randy Orton to a Non-Sanctioned fight on Raw.

Of course, the Legend Killer was happy to oblige.

Shane wanted to see if Orton could get the job done without the aid of his Legacy.

When the fight began, it was the one on one contest that Shane was hoping for. He even managed to hit Orton in the head with a ring-bell a few times.

When Shane was getting prepared to go coast to coast on Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase got involved. They beat him down and took him out as Cody nailed Shane with the Cross-Rhodes.

As Randy Orton got to his feat, he viciously punted Shane McMahon right in the skull.

Like father, like son, they say.

Stephanie McMahon, who was begging for this unknown person to come to her aid, stood unprotected in the ring as she looked after her fallen brother.

Randy Orton approached Shane's body with that evil look in his eyes.

Stephanie begged Orton to stop, begged him to spare he brother but just as Orton's eyes were locked on Shane McMahon's body, he quickly struck Stephanie with an RKO out of no where!

Shortly after as Orton stood in disbelief, the mystery man arrived to little too late and that man was the WWE Champion, Triple H.

Orton and his Legacy quickly left the ring and made their way to the entrance ramp.

Triple H looked over the body of his wife and for the first time in years, he managed to emit some true emotion. A heart-broken champion locked eyes with Randy Orton and erupted with despair. He looked almost as if he wanted to cry.

Now finally, the stage is set for the true main event match of WrestleMania XXV.

As I predicted earlier, we are likely to see a Randy Orton vs. Triple H bout for the WWE Championship on the grandest stage of them all.