Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones: Why We Will See This Superfight

G DAnalyst IIIJuly 9, 2012

For the longest time, UFC fans across the globe begged for one fight and one fight only: Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre.

It was a must. It was a potential showdown between the UFC's two largest stars as both Silva and St-Pierre have dominated their respected divisions for as long as most of us can remember. The only problem? The superfight between Silva and St-Pierre never happened.

Now, with St-Pierre sidelined due to an ACL tear, the world is beginning to call for a different fight with as much at stake if not more.

Silva vs. UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

In order for this superfight to have even been up for talks, Silva would have had to defeat his fierce rival in Chael Sonnen. He did. It was a second-round knockout heard across the world.

However, following the biggest win of Silva's career he explained how he has no interest in fighting the youngest champion in UFC history in Jones. Instead, Silva has nothing but respect for Jones. In addition, Jones went to Twitter to agree with Silva as shown below:

I guess Anderson said he had no interest in fighting me at tonight's press conference, I feel the same way about him. Nothing but respect

— Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) July 8, 2012

However, as we know, it's not always what the fighters want. Instead, whatever UFC President Dana White wants is what he gets. If White wants the world to see a superfight between Silva and Jones, rest assured, we will see Silva vs. Jones.

The middleweight division is quickly becoming thin. If Silva can manage to fight off contenders in Mark Munoz, Chris Weidman, Michael Bisping or even Hector Lombard, it's possible we could see this highly-desired showdown as soon as 2013.