Carson PaImer's Return: I Don't Know About You But I'm Excited

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIFebruary 16, 2009

Perhaps I'm in the minority. Perhaps most people shut the light out on the Cincinnati Bengals long ago. I for one am a fan of football who is excited to see the return of one of the best players in the game.

Carson Palmer is the epitome of what a great quarterback should be. A hardworking tough individual who carries himself with the same dignity both on and off the field.

The people of Cincinnati need that.

It's a shame that all too often, the Bengals are in the headlines for something one of their stupid players did to get arrested.

There are still a great many football players on that team who set a good example for the community—Palmer being one of them.

In terms of his on the field ability, Palmer has the ability to be as good as any quarterback in the game. He might not have the benefit of playing for a championship-contending team but he still shows the promise to continue to help re-build the franchise.

Many people might lose sight of that because the Bengals have long been known for being losers of the NFL. Palmer can't change the past, but I can guarantee he will work hard to improve the future.

This is the same quarterback who came back and had a Pro Bowl year after having his knee torn up. This is the same quarterback who played with a broken nose, even when blood came down his face during the course of playing the game (see the Bengals Week three matchup against the Giants last year).

He will also be the very same quarterback who will come back from having his tendon and ligaments ripped from the bone of his throwing arm.

He might not play for a big-market team, or even a quality team at this point in time, but none of that should ever overshadow all of his incredible individual efforts.

The Bengals and Palmer will get better. Most people might not be excited, but I am.